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28 Oct

Swamp King Throws Best-Ever Midnight Cocktail Parties

Our pal Sevie, da Chippew County Swoomp Kink, gets  da mos’  innerestin’ guests to his cedar swamp parties. These three were a were a wee late.

28 Oct

Writing,Packing, Loading, and Remembering.

    DAY 156: Saturday, October 27, 2012—It is a lot easier to pack the two vehicles over several days than to rush all at the end, thus yesterday was spent on such chores. And in between such chores, I wrote more into the manuscript I’m calling  Jabbertown. Why that title? I read once about […]

25 Oct

One Week to Go

Wednesday, October 24, 2012, DEER PARK – We depart a week from today. 30+ mph SE winds all night last night, thunder and lighting, and .1 inch of rain. We awoke this morning to find blobs of lake foam all over the yard, more than a hundred feet in from the lake and the way […]

25 Oct

Thoughts From the Shower: What is Silence?

October 21, 2012, DEER PARK – I suspect many people find the shower a good location for thinking and cogitation. Is for me. Standing in the iron-laced flow I got to thinking about sound and such things, and how one of the great draws of this place is the silence that envelops us most days, […]

25 Oct

Homestretch Looms: Eleven Days and Counting on Short-Time Calendar

DAY 151: Monday, October 21, 2012, DEER PARK – Yesterday a perfect fall day, sunny, low 60’s and we spent it in first stages of packing, going through and reorganizing all of our fishing gear, and all of our books, deciding which ones will travel south with us and which (about 60-70) will go through […]

25 Oct

Some Idle Thoughts on Hunters

DAY 149: Saturday, October 20, 2012, DEER PARK – Rain last night pushed us to 13.2 inches since May 24, but today was 60 in the sun, time for some chores preparatory to departure in 11 days. Lots of rain being forecast ahead so we will do as much packing and prep as we can […]

25 Oct

Da More T’ings Change, Da More Dey Remain Same, Eh?

DAY 148: Friday, October 19, 2012, DEER PARK – The following article appeared in this week’s Newberry News, an excerpt from October 18, 1912 edition of the same publication. The column is called “Travelling Through Time,” and the subhed is “Horde of Cheap Skates.” Horde of Cheap Skates “After all, the efforts of the state […]

18 Oct

The Solshine Returneth– Finally!

 DAY 148: Wednesday, October 17, 2012, DEER PARK –  Our rainfall since May 24 is now at 12.8 inches. Some color, despite rain and 40mph winds yesterday, persists. Today was a varied one –both play and work. Got the changes keyed into the HARD GROUND  manuscript for electronic transmittal back to my editor tomorrow morning. […]

18 Oct

Scrivening-N-Such On Muskallonge Lake

DAY 145: Tuesday, July 16, 2012, DEER PARK – We sense this morning that fall is starting to take itself seriously. Temp was at 28 degrees early (I was up working 0200-0600). Couple of weeks of mid-20-degree nights will firm up the ground and make it receptive to holding snow. Until the ground freezes up, […]

15 Oct

Local Weather Writing, and Naming Winter Storms

DAY 144: Monday, October 15, DEER PARK –The rain has finally lifted here: 1.6 inches since Friday, boosting us to 12.5 inches since the end of May. Lake and river coming back up. Superior today has north winds, 20 G 30 mph, but waves don’t look that big near shore. Finished going through Editor Keith’s […]

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