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24 Nov

New Angle on Rule Compliance in the Woods

My first morning back in Portage I  stood outside and watched cars at our local stop signs, one on either side of  our house and realized driving  provides a fair analogy for hunting, as it relates to following rules. 1.      Both require you to have a license and training. 2.      The rules change from time […]

24 Nov

Glimpse of The Real Limpy — Linguistically

We were at dinner on my birthday last month, when a local gent floated  in and  he and I proceeded to commence a discussion of cougars and bears, and all that, and of course, the federal government, the “Endandied” Species Act, all manner of conspiracies,  and the Damn Near Russian DNR. Naturally. People think I […]

23 Nov

Photo Story: Eagle in a Trap

I’ll let photos tell this story. CO Dave Painter and I responded to a citizen’s call of a young bald eagle caught in a coyote trap along the Michigamme Reservoir. It was about a half-mile hike into the bird. Once there we discovered there were two traps, and looked to make sure there weren’t more. CO […]

23 Nov

Seven Days in a Truck

Friday, November 21, 2012, PORTAGE – Back from the Yoop. Spent a week in trucks with COs, the usual paroxysms of weirdness in the backwoods and some weather not conducive to deer-killing. Days in the 50s made if easy for hunters to sit on stands all days, which many did – with results. Obviously I […]

18 Nov

On Patrol

Saturday, Nov 17 ,Western Upper Peninsula — The usual shenanigans up here, and warmish weather to boot.  Today we took four illegal deer from scofflaws, two shot in broaddaylight, loaded gun in truck. Lied about everything, as usual, but witnesses saw both shoots. One of the deer was shot in the guts and in order […]

10 Nov

Spinning Up To Patrol Time Up North (OTB)

Saturday, November 10, 2012, PORTAGE – Two more wakeups until I mosey north again, this time for some days or ride-alongs with COs in the UP. Deer season can be the defining time for a game warden’s year, but not all Cos. In some locations the “deer season” lasts about three days and other things […]

05 Nov

Body of Earl Smith Found in Dismal Swamp

Fact-Stranger-Than-Fiction Department. The headline above is from a bit was in the November 1, 1912  edition of the Newberry News.  And reprinted in the Nov 1, 2012 issue by Caroline Diem.  Earl Smith, who disappeared from a hunting camp 10 miles west of Mackinaw City October 7, was found dead in a thick swamp Monday, […]

03 Nov


November 3, 2012, PORTAGE – Still unpacking (digging out), slowly. Our backyard doesn’t have the visual magnet of Muskallonge Lake.  Looking at short stories to be published as singles this winter, and the collection after various editors got done with it. Lon’s sis, Mary, coming up this afternoon, here for a few days, while Mary’s […]

01 Nov

Final Road Entries of a Memorable Summer

DAY 158: Monday, October 29, 2012, DEER PARK – Two wake-ups remain: Packing and loading continue at a more or less leisurely pace. “Brunch” this morning with Brenda and Max Stinson at their place, the log cabin in the sky. Brenda has Alabama roots, loves to cook and bake. Whew. We continue to monitor storms […]

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