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31 Dec

2012 Movies

Here’s what we watched this past year, none of them in the five months we were in the U.P.  An asterisk (*) means we liked it. 1.      Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull 2.      Catch  Me If You Can 3.      Far And Away 4.      Bonfire of the Vanities 5.      The  Big Lebowski* 6.      Moneyball* 7.      Larry […]

31 Dec

Books of 2012

1)      Peter Steinman. The Company of Wolves. [NF] 2)      Malcolm Gladwell. Outliers. [NF] 3)      CO Sylvester Mowson. Dictionary of Foreign Terms.[NF] 4)      Lois Crisler. Arctic Wild. [NF] 5)      Lois Crisler. Captive Wild: One Woman’s Adventure Living With Wolves.[NF] 6)      Lolita Hernandez. Autopsy of an Engine, and Other Stories From the Cadillac Plant. [SS] 7)      Frank […]

29 Dec

Overheard Out of Context: Omnium Gatherum

Writing comes from seeing and hearing, vs looking and listening — Poet Donald Hall tells us: “Specificity, the descriptions of surroundings, the bits of remembered conversations are essential for the poet.” Chichi, neufyfood: “Grass-fed bison patty on gluten free bun, topped with cage free fried egg and sunflower pesto”  Waiting for you at Yeah Burger, […]

29 Dec

Old Poem From the Closet

Journalistic Less Is More Back in school we learned Our trade, writing obits Including our own, In 12 words exactly: ‘Joe T. Heywood, died, Big deal. Of interest primarily to no-one.’ “To the point,’ my prof said, “Punch it to sixteen words?” I hastily added, ’An egotist and asshole.’ Earned a smiley-face A. Filed for […]

27 Dec

Homage to Grady Service?

Had occasion just now to have a chat with an officer in the UP about a case from this just-past deer season and he told me one day he was working with an officer up in southwest Marquette Co (near Limpy Alleredyce’s camp, in fact)  and rolling along and they spotted a small red object off […]

26 Dec

Un Homage to Cezanne Bleu: Color Impalpable

Sometimes you get thoughts and words jumbled like stew in your cranial pot and after awhile you spit forth the bolus, see what’s there. Think crapshoot: Mon dieu, bluescapes undo bluelife lived vivi-lividly bluishly blushing bushy blue gouts and in our blued faces, a tete with the Blue Ox of starkly blue Moanday. He blew […]

24 Dec

Night Before and All That Jazz

Whangdoodle-of-the-Month Item: Christmas Eve Day and I’m watching the tube and there is one of those  BUT WAIT, THAT’S NOT ALL! THERE’S MORE! Ad was selling Old Brooklyn Lanterns for $12.95, LEDs to last 100,000 hours, and three in the ad declared made of REAL METAL. What the hell does that mean? Why at Christmas […]

22 Dec

New (Old) Takes on Christmas

I’m not sure if this stuff is real because it comes off the internet, but here it is for a little-head-scratching time: In Catalonia, as well as in the rest of Spain and in most of Italy and Southern France a Christmas tradition is to set up a whole city of Bethlehem. In the nativity […]

21 Dec

Cezanne’s 19 Rules for Writers

Let’s focus on Cezanne’s Nineteen Rules of Painting. He may have had more, but I know only nineteen  I also need to explain that his advice was directed at brothers and sisters of the canvas smear,not writers, but I think his words and concepts apply to we scribblers too. Why would I think this? I […]

21 Dec

A Modest Proposal

I propose the following government action  in the name and memory of my late fellow scribbler Jonathan Swift (Who wrote “A Modest Proposal,”  in 1729 under a pseudonym).  (If you don’t know the piece, you’re probably not Irish. Look it up.) Further, I propose that hereafter we use the word schooting to refer to all […]

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