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28 Jan

News Flash From the Western U.P.

This hundred-pound wolf was hit and kileld by a vehicle yesteday (Jan. 27)  on US-45, south of Watersmeet. CO Dave Painter responded to the call.

27 Jan

Reading Before the Ice

Ice storm predicted for evening, we had a great turnout in Portage today, where I read short stories and signed books. One ofthe days highlightw was seeing my old Fid’s Bar/Studio teammates and friends Bob Surdy and Tom Berghuis.    

23 Jan

That Time of The Year

Snow, dreaded snow, but one member of da pack loves it.      

19 Jan

Saturday Night, Mostly Alive

File-fishing the past two days,  Day 9 of the cold, but the mend-trend is clear and upward now. Scrips-Howard News Service reported, July 3, 1994 that Australian scientists studying the genetics of flower colors have identified a blue flower gene in the petunia and are in the process of transplanting it into roses.  Our neighbor […]

18 Jan

Excerpts from College Entry Essays of 1980 High School Graduates

HS: Writing samples from Class of 1980.  And education is suddenly questionable? Could it be that by and large a large number of 17- and 18-yr-olds are not very competent at anything, and never have been? Just wondering out loud. Over. “I believe that the people of Michigan have had it way to good and […]

18 Jan

Morning Thoughts

Day 8 of a pesky, annoying cold, but last night I slept almost normally, which suggests the virus is losing hold.  Pretty raree for me to get colds, which makes them more annoying,. So I am sitting here like a slug, reading mostly, and noodling stuff in the news and around me, including Facebook.  And […]

12 Jan

Shaksper, a Dog’s Tale

Shaksper Findeth Home He be, we are quite certain, Shanny’s younger sib A cast away from far and geo curtain Forsooth, I speak direct —  Him Taken from Big Nap Streets North to Mishawaka, there kept so sweet, In grand company at the Land of Heart, There be he, biding time, When suddenly swoopeth down […]

09 Jan

Words That Summon

Reading along, I circle every word I don’t understand, later look it up, and sometimes this flow of new words causes me to invent new ones — to my liking.  Here’s an example, just from last night: wanderjahr, ecrevain, pneumatiques, petits bleu, potlatchiken, trimmer (this is an 18 C word that refers to people who […]

05 Jan

Johnny Football and Bowl Season

Our pathetic (yet expensive)  TV cable service (misnomer)  has given us exactly one bowl game this season: OU vs. Texas A&M last night, my first look at Mr. John Manziel of A&M, redshirt freshman All American and  2012 Heisman winner, aka Johnny Football. He can play for sure. But all I could think, as I […]

01 Jan

2012 Wildlife Count (2011 in Parens)

Sandhill Crane,1,108 I(638); Deer, 587 (798; Downy Woodpecker, 587 (408); Redbelly Woodpecker, 575 (332); Bald Eagle, 443 (471); Pileated Woodpecker, 321 (124); Turkey, 267 (201); Great Blue Heron, 249 (65); Hummingbirds, 220 (75); Dead Deer, 142 (148); Redtail Hawk, 139 (143); Northern Flicker, 135 (86); Jaeger,86 (none); Hairy Woodpecker, 94 (96);  Snowy Egret, none (42); […]

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