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27 Feb

“Thank you for your service.”

Late last night i god a reader note with the message, “Thanks you for your service to our country. Welcome home.” I sent a note back to the writer asking what prompted this. Here’s how it is.  Every time I hear someone say (almost always rote and mechanically the wat I said prayers in fifth […]

26 Feb

True CO Tales

Fish biologist went on ride-along with CO in the early 80s, stopped at a  campground looking for manager. My pal asked CO —  just to make small talk – if he camped, to which the CO said, “XXX, I served 11 months in Korea. I slept on the cold ground every single night. I told myself […]

26 Feb

Thomas Jefferson, Guns and Such….

Right after the Newtown massacre, I predicted nothing significant would change regarding gun control in this country. In my own view, background checks for any sale in any venue and no clips/magazines 10 rounds or more seem self-evident. Banning a certain model weapon? Not sure that means anything. For example, ban all semi-automatic weapons: Does […]

25 Feb

A Look Back at Mental Illness and How It Was Treated.

Reasons for Admission to The West Virginia Asylum for the Insane, 1864-1889 There is sadness in lists plucked from history’s drawers, like reasons people were adjudged insane, I give you: Amenorrhea, kicked in head by a horse, gathering in the head, Immoral life, masturbation, masturbation, masturbation, masturbation for 30 years, (I don’t see no  explanation […]

21 Feb

Big Rapids “Tour.”

Just posted my remarks from Big Rapids in the Document section of the blog memory bank. Lonnie and I visited Great Lakes Book & Supply where I was able to meet John Bronco Horvath, who played hockey for me in the 1970s (son of John “Gypsy” Horvath). Bronco now has a son who is a […]

17 Feb

Mail Call

Last night I checked email just before I headed to bed and found a note on my website from Laura Reed Davis, who grew up as a game warden’s daughter and now lives in West Branch. I was really moved by this note, happy the Woods Cop stories have stirred positive memories for her, and I […]

12 Feb

International Game Warden Magazine Reviews Red Jacket

Dear Joe: I reviewed Red Jacket in the Winter 2012-13 issue of International Game Warden, just out this week.  The original text of the review is below (I don’t know how much it was edited for the magazine).  A PDF tearsheet is attached.  Good book.  Looks like it must have been a lot of fun […]

12 Feb

Random Dramaramas

1. Shkakaamik kwe, Terra Mia Madre, We  who bogwatch  the world sent haywire-a-twirl Puff-smoking twisted fingers of sweetgrass, Muscle cigars braided  from your own Earth’s hair, greened fair by time, we do  pray you aren’t alopecian,  Balded  in service to the greed for holy smoke, da DUM 2. We who face the garden of our […]

11 Feb

“The Next Big Thing”

“The Next Big Thing” is an Internet meme – defined as a concept that spreads person to person (like an STD?) via the Internet. According to Wikipedia,” the concept of meme was defined and described by Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book, The Selfish Gene – an attempt to explain how cultural information spreads.”  I […]

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