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26 Apr

Spring Wildlife

Spring brings all kinds of great wildlife photography opportunities as animals emerge from dens looking for food and love. CO Dave Painter in Iron County was working out kinks with a new camera couple of days ago and got photos of a duck, deer, turkey and a skunk. Pal Bill Krasean, retired sciene writer from […]

26 Apr

Reading in Fremont

Last night in Fremont, awful traffic jams on US 131 going north. Beautiful library facility, about 40 people out to enjoy the snacks. Dodged deer all the way across M-82 to Howard City. Next outing is tomorrow afternoon (Saturday)at 4 at Kazoo Books on Clarendon/West Main in Kalamazoo. I like seeing audience responses to short stories, […]

17 Apr

Pursuit of Rivers

I saw  a recent The New York Times  column about Japanese folks having a goal of climbing a hundred mountains in their lifetimes.  It seems to me that right here in Michigan we could have similar pursuits, though not for mountains. But we have lakes and rivers galore, especially trout streams and not all of […]

16 Apr

Patrol Among Rising Rivers

Spent the end of last week on patrols midstate with CO Dan Bigger. Rivers overflowing, swamps miles wide, and still he managed to make an illegal deer case. Then one day we are sitting at the river and along comes a guy with a bow and arrow. Vizbee in the water is about 1/16 inch. […]

07 Apr

Coming Events

Having trouble updating the events portion of the web site, so I am putting a note here for the moment. Events ahead: * Thursday, April 25, Fremont District Library, 7-9 PM * Saturday, April 27, Sign Books and read, Kazoo Books, 4-6 PM * Saturday, May 18, Sign Books, Snowbound Books, Marquette, 1-3 PM  

07 Apr

More Lacrosse

Reunion done, lots of fun. The guys are in great shape. Some photos follow. Shakesper enjoyed himself. Thanks to former coacha nd teammate Turf Kaufman, Coach Schwind and all the MSU people who made this get-together possible. Go Green. Over.  

06 Apr

Half a Century of Lacrosse at MSU

I’m happy to have been privileged to play on Michigan State’s first lacrosse team, fifty years ago this spring. This afternoon the lads will gather for an alumni “game” and a banquet tonight. I composed the following as a paean to the memory. Looking Back 1. We are age seventy or more A fact none […]

05 Apr


Sitting at my desk this morning i started thinking about what it means to me to be a writer, some of my approaches and values. Amazed at how the list grew, especially when I wouldn’t allow myself to write somethin down unless the statement/sentence began with an S. (1) Spend time as a cautious investor […]

02 Apr

Stuff Elementary Teachers Have to Deal With

Had occasion to talk to a friend of ours some weeks back. She is long-time elementary teacher, VERY difficult to surprise but she shared these ditties with me from this school year. *   Kid discovers his mom’s tampons, passes  them out to pals,  who are then found on playground twirling them like toys. *  […]

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