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27 May

Settling In

We are back in the UP, and still trying to organize our 288-square feet. It’s like two tallies trying to  live in a shoebox, but progress is being made. Book signings this past weekend here in Deer Park and over in Marquette. No more on the docket until Sept. 21 when we will return to […]

23 May

Demilocals Return to the North

Last fall Mike Brown [Mancelona-raised, now-owner of Deer Park Lodge] and I had a discussion of what category we fit into, re our living up here. “Neither fulltimers, nor natives, and not purely summer people,” he said. “Something else.” Today  I was just finishing David Foster Wallace’s Consider the Lobster and Other Essays. In one of the essays he […]

16 May


For those of youse with military time in yore past,  you’ll remember TDY stands for Temporary Duty Elsewhere. How the government came up with that, I do not know (nor do I care). We’ll soon be in Deer Park, there until Nov 1. A friend with a gun and a surly  attitude will be living here […]

16 May

Reading to Write

In between book-readin’ I’ve been digging into the old Paris Reviews, which can be found on the internet. Long-time literary tome PR has a three par- series: The Arto of Fiction; The St of Poetry; and the Art of Nonfiction. Very lengthy in-depth interviews with a wide range of authors, from Hemingway to Jim Harrison. […]

16 May

Love Letters to a Community College Teacher

These are email note to  wife Lonnie. The spellings, phrasing, etc are as they came in. All the classes assignments, etc are posted on the college computer, so any student can look at any time to see exactly what will happen in class, and their current grade. In first class teacher tells the students that […]

13 May

Reading Materials, Jan 1 to date.

My reading list through this week, will post update in UP in the fall. 1)   Walt Harrington. Intimate Journalism: The Art and Craft of Reporting Everyday Life. [NF] 2)   Mel Starr. Unhallowed Ground. (#4) 3)   Jon Meachem. Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power. [NF] 4)   Judith Blahnik and Phillip S.Schulz. Mud Hens and Mavericks. [NF […]

13 May

Loveletters to a Schoolmarm

Jambe Longue just finished teaching two community college classes. Students are required to check the college’s web site weekly. On that site are all the requirements for each course,  whatg is done in every class, for the entire semester, including supplies and the student’s current grade in that class.  But folks of the electronic generation […]

13 May

Some Game Warden /Outdoor Pix to Enjoy


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