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30 Jun


Drizzled early this morning, then turned sunny and cool, driven by northwest wind. Hi of 62. We had a long hike on the beach and Mr. Shaksper had a fine romp in freedom. More photos from the memory bank follow. Over.  

29 Jun

The Usual Schedule

The summer schedule goes something like this:  wake up at 0300, work until 0700 when Lonnie gets up, then back to bed until 0900 and then the day begins for mutual stuff. Quite often we spend most of the day reading: no radio, no TV, no real distractions other than a few locals drop-bys.  We […]

28 Jun

Da End of June

DAY 41, June 28, 2013, DEER PARK, MI — This has been a miserable biteybug season. Multitudes of ravenous mosquitoes, no matter the temperature, and on SW wind days there are hordes of stable flies, those fast little flies who bite with stainless steel teeth and with the intention of taking off small chunks of […]

07 Jun

Remembering Those Who Served

This blurb and photos appeared recently in If you’ve never visited the site and love the U.P., you should.  I was in high school when the Lady Be Good was found, and I remember the photo of the wreckage that appeared in newspapers. We’re tying together a number of loose ends with today’s Shoebox […]

04 Jun

Shrooms in the Black

DAY 16: Tuesday, June 4, 2013: DUCK LAKE FIRE SCAR — We spent the good part of today with Max and Brenda Stinson, searching for black morel mushrooms in the remains of last year’s huge Duck Lake fire. Lonnie and I found46, which we cleaned and prepped tonight. This was my first real shrooming experience. […]

02 Jun

DAY 15

Sunday, June 2, 2013 — DEER PARK, MI —  Two weeks in our cabin now and settling into a routine, which are forever being refined. Lonnie is a genius at organizing, and keeping us that way. We both have too damn many interests, but WYSIWYG, right?  The usual sked: I awake 3ish, work till 0700h, back to bed until 9 […]

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