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31 Jul

Must Read

  Bob Linsenman’s novel, SNOWBLOOD’S JOURNAL will be published in September. It’s an unforgettable story of soldiers and their dogs in Vietnam. Get it. Learn from it. Enjoy. Over

22 Jul

Bonds Formed in Hard Times Tend to Persist

Earlier this month saw my friend, fraternity brother and former USAF copilot Mike Vairo  (Lt.Col, USAF, Ret, and native of St. Ignace)  and I got an email note from our aircraft commander, Tom Davey (Lt. Col, USAF, Ret). We called him Boss Davey and Zorro.  “Hi Joe. Glad to hear you and Mike got together. Its […]

22 Jul

Day to Day

DAY 66 – Monday, July 22, 2013, DEER PARK – Not halfway through our stay yet, which is great. My pal Bonnie Jo Campbell is going to be up here on a book tour with a whole heap of UP writers, including Sue Harrison and Ellen Airgood. Don’t miss them. They are all nice, smart […]

17 Jul

Publishers Weekly Review of Killing A Cold One.

KILLING A COLD ONE will be out in September, but reviews will trickle in between then and now. Here’s the first , and it’s a good one from PUBLISHERS WEEKLY: Michigan’s Upper Peninsula provides the rugged setting for Heywood’s series featuring conservation officer Grady Service of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and its bewilderingly […]

13 Jul

Right Words, Right Moment

Here I am slogging along on a Saturday morning  with MOUNTAINS OF THE  MISBEGOTTEN, now  in the 30-40 K word range (30-40 percent done) and I needed a break from typing handwritten chicken-scratch heiroglyphs to computer and happened to check my email and got this note from a fan in Indiana. Sort of renewed my energy. […]

05 Jul

The Purity of Joy

We don’t know the boy, but he is here in the area to  visit his grandparents over the fourth. He sort of tails behind other kids, likes to poke in the shallow water. Alone. Maybe nine, we don’t know. Yesterday he went out onto our dock and for two hours caught several fish and with each […]

04 Jul

Fort of July

DAY 46, July 4, 2013, DEER PARK — Ah the national booze and bang fest day is here, though fireworks have been going off now for the past two weeks and sporadically before that. And of course, the gunners join in. One guy across the lake rips off two clips a day, every day, without […]

01 Jul

RIP Carmine Vara

This morning had breakfast with my copilot and lifelong friend, Mike Vairo, near Engadine, and tonight word  comes that former crewmate and world-class boom operator Carm Vara, 82,  has passed away. A fine man, a fine crewmate, and boon companion. Fly free now, Carm.

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