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31 Aug

Catching Up

DAY 106, Deer Park, August 31, 2013 – Consider this a catch-up report. It took all day Friday to learn the score of the Newberry-Rudyard High School football game played Thursday night. 32-zipdog, Newberry Indians over the Bulldogs. Not a surprise, given Rudyard’s meltdown last season.  But nobody in Trout Lake knew or seemed to […]

26 Aug

Reading On A Rainy Day

August 25, 2013, DAY 100 in Deer Park — One of the stellar draws of three seasons in a small cabin is the time and peace to read and think. Yes, to write, of course, and draw, and all that, but first and foremost to read what others have written and to let their writings […]

24 Aug

Friday Morning Thoughts: Removed.

The air here is clean (not counting pine pollens, or random bird feces floating earthward), few motor vehicles, no traffic lights or jams, (other than occasional houndsmen tracking their dogs running and singing a swamp bear), No sirens, no low-flying aircraft or mindless teenagers shaking the house with Rapscallion Thunder from their mobile sounds systems […]

22 Aug

On The Ground in Alaska

Alan Marble is the retired chief of DNR law enforcement (top cop CO), who now works as a cook-chef in a hunting fishing camp in the summer in the Alaskan bush. He chronicles his adventures (blogs?) and here’s the latest. Started his distinguished career as a CO in the Western Yoop. Opening Day                                                   August 21, […]

15 Aug

Woods Cop No. 9, KILLING A COLD ONE, Now In Some Bookstores.

KILLING A COLD ONE, the ninth Woods Cop mystery is already in some stores. Someone brought a copy to me a couple of days ago. Here’s a review by from PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY, and a photo of the book jacket. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula provides the rugged setting for Heywood’s series featuring conservation officer Grady Service of […]

15 Aug

HARD GROUND Reviewed in International Game Warden.

Review forwarded to me today by book editor Gerry Lister, himself a CO in British Columbia. I have been remiss in sending you a copy of my review of Hard Ground which was printed in the Summer 2013 issue of International Game Warden magazine.  I did three reviews in this issue, so although not a […]

13 Aug

Travellers’ Trivial Trevails in the U.P.

  We are in Copper Harbor, unloaded gear into room of our cabin, plugged in computers (this is a work trip) and there is a message saying the  router needs to be adjusted. So I hoof it up  to the office and tell the receptionist, where I hear her tell a man checking in that the […]

03 Aug

Debut Novel

My friend Dave Wagner’s first novel will come out in September. It’s the first in a series of mysteries set in Italy in modern times. Dave and I played lacrosse together at MSU in the Dark Ages, and were on the same forward line. He joined the Foreign Services and had several tours outside the […]

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