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30 Sep

First Draft Finished

DAY 136 –Monday, September 30, 2013, DEER PARK — I finished the first draft of MOUNTAINS OF THE MISBEGOTTEN last night around 2300 hours. 96,000 words, a hair shorter (and tighter, I hope) than normal . As I’ve said, this is a long game and not for people who need immediate gratification, or even any. […]

26 Sep

Maps and Stuff

  I’m in the process of closing a book, which is a chore in a lot of ways and in some ways it will be good to be done with this and move onto the next manuscript, a new Grady Service story. All my books are closely related to geography, mostly in Michigan, but in […]

23 Sep


  DAY 129 – Monday, September 23, DEER PARK – Saturday we signed books in Marquette at Snowbound books with Dana Schultz and walked away with an armful more to read. She is a wonderful source or recommendations for good writers.  Also got to see Jo Vairo, Mike’s sis, and pal Don Matson, who is […]

19 Sep

Electronic Before-Breakfast Baloney

Found this email in my “in-basked” this morning. This Mr. Nikolas Barn wants to help with proofreading my blogs. I’m responding only though the blog, but here’s the deal, Nick. I don’t worry about proofing when I do the blog. It’s all about getting thoughts down fast, sharing some photos with friends, and moving on. […]

17 Sep

How It Was Fifty Years Ago

Gary Barnhill writes, “My good friend, the inimitable and late Col. John Morrissey, Shit-Hot fighter pilot, decorated war hero, war historian, US National Aerobatic Champion, certified stud, lover of wine, women, song, and old trains has found the words to brilliantly describe our youth in a way we can all proudly share with friends, family […]

17 Sep

Remember The Days of Cold and War

Gary John’s narrative sure hit the nail directly on the head. I remember looking at the bird on alert and wondering if that thing in the belly would really work like we were told. Also thought it was kind of interesting that, although the weapon could be set for several different yields, it was always […]

16 Sep

Book Review:Theodore Roosevelt and the Assassin

  From time to time I like to pass on tips on good reads. In his book to be released next month, Theodore Roosevelt And The Assassin: Madness, Vengeance and the Campaign of  1912, Author Gerard Helferich gives us a thriller, no easy feat this, in which the outcomes are already known.  The reader finds […]

16 Sep

Weekend Done and Gone

DAY 122, Monday, September 16, DEER PARK – The 6th Annual Rock On Agate Show is over and done with. Strange weekend. Lonnie worked her butt off to get set for rock show at the state park, made 150 astounding pieces of jewelry, which was a  lot of work and joy, including two set-ups and take-downs, […]

11 Sep

The One-Notion Man and Other Random Thoughts

DAY 117, Wednesday, September 11, DEER PARK, Agate Coast – My morning routine, up early, think and write before commencing regular life. It is certain in my mind that writing is not regular, except for those so addicted. We lost a state trooper this week in a traffic stop  up near Ludington and this brings […]

09 Sep

The Latest From Alaska: Moose Season

September 8, 2013 It’s the 4th day of the 11 day moose hunting season for nonresident hunters and, so far, there are no 200 pound hindquarters hanging in the boat shed down the by the lake.  The guides all agree, as they do each year after the first few days of the season, that this […]

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