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29 Oct

Adieu Deer Park

This is probably the last blog from Deer Park. This is our fifth year here, with the blessings and help of Max and Brenda Stinson, landlords, fellow agate hunter-addicts (we event hunted the big lake at night!) and friends. We’ve had great fun and many blessings from all the fine folks and neighbors up here […]

28 Oct

Venue Change for 2014

DAY 162, Monday, October 28, DEER PARK — 28 degrees and ice on the storage bins this morning. Sprinkling of snow in Newberry. Big news when I got back this morning. We may very will be in Baragastan in 2014, May through October. Specifics when we know for sure. I took time coming back from […]

26 Oct

Little By Little, We Have Less and Less

Five wakeups remain until we sortie south. The neighborhood beaver visited today and more stories accumulate for the collection EXTEME GROUND. “The Gulf of Goth.” / “Heads, Tails, and Other Vague Body Parts.” / “Felony Forest.” This is fun. Truck loading begins Monday after a haircut.  Shakspere spent several hours hunting red squirrels by the […]

25 Oct

Little By Little and Less And Less

Friday, October 25, DAY 159, DEER PARK –Happy Birthday to son Troy. Snowing this morning. No idea if it will stick, but the stories are continuing and three more in the bank, Like Hymens and Soap Bubbles, Balloons Can Pop With Unpredictable Results; Fishing For Glory; and, this morning  I wrote, Even the Queen Mother. […]

23 Oct

Writing in the Time of Snow

Nothing focuses the mind like winter and staying warm. Snow hit here today in earnest and I am in a writing frenzy, knowing I have to call it off in a week or so before we head south and that I won’t be able to really pick it up again until December because of DNR […]

22 Oct

Sunrise/Sunset Kaleidoscope

22 Oct

Another Day in The Woods

DAY  156– DEER PARK, Mi. Morning opened with snow on the deck. Waves in Lake Superior for dog to run the beach, so we headed east on Seven Mile Fire Lane to look around and let him galavant, which he did with great gusto. More shrooms, a bit more color, and so forth. Photos next. […]

21 Oct

A Day of Oddities

DAY 155: Monday, October 21, 2013, DEER PARK– This day was on the weird side. We headed for town to get flu shots and about 10 miles south of here, between Pine Stump and Wolf Inn we passed what looked like they might be wolves, on a two track, close to CR 407, so I […]

20 Oct


Jay and Donna,Our Georgia friends ( interned in Kalamazoo until the end of the Civil war) found this giant puffball near Donna’s studio and did not know it was edible. They are kayakers. I guess giant puffies don’t grow in Kayaks, if you wash them out. How sad. if they grew on plastic in Kayaks your […]

20 Oct


Bullhead skull from this summer, for our collection.

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