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29 Nov

Black Friday Musings: Deer-Hunting, and Wolves, and Stuff

PORTAGE, MI — Friday, November 29 — Great Thanksgiving of wild turkey breast courtesy of a CO friend whose son shot it, sweetateys, green beans, peach cobbler and Lonnie’s own gluten-free cinnamon pumpkin pie. Watched the Lions until game score was knotted  at 10-10, then slept until they were in post-game interviews after the game. […]

24 Nov

Reflections: My Two Cents

CRYSTAL FALLS, SUNDAY, November 24, 2013 – Television BTB is a fragmented wasteland of garbage and TV up here is even worse because there are so few people and such a lower advertising base. This morning I watched a rerun of F Troop, which was running in prime time when I lived up here in […]

23 Nov

DAY 10 in the books

Later today: Ten days, 96+30 truck hours, consecutive days and I feel great. All done until the day after TG. Actual temp here this morning was 2 degrees and we eventually got up to 13, but chill factor hung around minus ten all day and it snowed with some oomph, especially in the northern part […]

23 Nov

Another Day Dawns

November 23, 2013 –DAY 10 dawns:  a crispy, nose-hair-stiffening 8 degrees this morn, wind at  15 mph G 29, chill factor WAY BELOW ZED, a day to test the sangfroid (and sangfreud)  of all hunters. Wisconsin’s deer season opens this morning. My hotel is filled with them, the border being only 6 miles distant. Michigan […]

22 Nov

Wolves and Stuff

Friday, November 22, 2013 — DAY 9 is in the books. Photos of the last two days follow. This is sure a beautiful place. Over. Mem  

20 Nov

On Patrol With the DNR: Day 6

DAY 6 complete, trucks parked. We rolled this morning to the District office  and picked up the unmarked truck. Then up to Watersmeet to drop some information on cases to the USFS law enforcement officer. Lunch at the casino, then up throug…h Gogebic to Ontonagon County. Were were the only truck on in four counties […]

16 Nov

Third Day of Patrols, 2013 Firearms Deer Season

True story: The conservation officer is on patrol and finds a hunter who has shot a deer, but is too feeble to haul it, so the CO guts it for him and lugs it out to the road where the old fellow will wait to be picked up by his kin. The old guy is […]

11 Nov

Adding to Finnegan’s Wake

As the Author Himself might have related a CO’s encounter with violators during deer season (as it might have appeared in Finnegan’s Wake, and with my apologies to Mr. James Joyce, Himself). “Aye, bettoon the blaettherers, the goos, and all their banks from Banagher, the lads are facing down the mouldystoneed botheared, denying all, hearing […]

11 Nov

History and Help Needed

Randy Clarke and I have been trying to help the DNR Law Enforcement Division compile a list of all the men and women who have ever worn the badge of conservation officers for the state. We recently acquired a photo said to be from the Mancelona area, (north of Kalkaska). If you can identify the […]

10 Nov

Next Year’s Baraga Co Digs.

Here tiz. Over.

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