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31 Jan

Times May Change, But People?

We accuse our politicians of not listening to, or talking to each other, but are most of us much different than that and are we different now than when this country was founded and launched? French historian-political philosopher Alexis de Toqueville visited the US in 1831 and in 1835 and 1840 published a two volume […]

28 Jan

Par For The Course

I’m working on the next collection of short stories, this one featuring all female CO protagonists and today I realized I’ve lost one of the manuscripts. So here’s what the lineup looks like, including the MIA Number 18. Ignore all the counts in Parens. I offer this as a lesson of how one can keep […]

28 Jan

Gonfalons For The Gone

Nobitchuaries from the participants going through the door. I’ve been collecting obituaries from newspapers for decades and it struck me as I was cleaning my office today that the headlines tell an interesting story of a strange and wonderful kind of global diversity. I list them as follows and hope it gives you a moment […]

26 Jan

Books, Writing, and Medieval Universities

Sunday morning  neuronal impulses (incomplete thoughts). As an aside, MSU played for crap last night, allowed a slow game which killed them in the end. Congrats to U of M.  Today, I am condensing a  whole heap of non-basketball stuff for blog purposes. Though the basketball game got me to thinking about our universities, how they came […]

25 Jan

Looking at the Past

I love reading histories from various Michigan locations. The good old days, don’t ever stack up as good. Just old. But nostalgia wears rose-colored glasses, that is sees what it wants to see or thinks it remembers, not what actually was. Enjoy these. Hunting Season Reports From the Past – from the Houghton Lake Reporter/Roscommon […]

25 Jan

Remembering a Long TimeGame Warden

Last summer (2013) on August 24th, Boardman Township re-dedicated a park honoring CO Charlie Hicking, who was THE Kalkaska County Game warden from 1913 until 1958 (45years).  Hicking, 1890-1970, passed away at age 80, after working from age 23-58, a long and glorious haul. There is a 40 acre Township Park on Boardman Road that was dedicated in the […]

24 Jan

Inviting the Reader Into the Story

Winter is a time to relentlessly pound away on (or is it at) manuscripts, and yet there is time to also sit and think and read, and try to conjure thoughts outside the particular story of the moment. To think about the making of the work and some of the elements that go into the […]

22 Jan

Omnium Gatherum

Overheard, imagined & out of context, life as we live it in the shadows of others, known and unknown. * Poet Donald Hall tells us: “Specificity, the descriptions of surroundings, the bits of remembered conversations are essential for the poet.” * Chichi, neufyfood: “Grass-fed bison patty on gluten free bun, topped with cage free fried […]

22 Jan

Night at the Libes With The Tribe

Work all day on short stories,  we eat early (Nigerian Stew), load the dog and head downtown to the Kalamazoo Public Library where I once spoke in snowstorm and drew a crowd of one, not counting staff. Invited back many years later they called yet again to cancel, said they didn’t have the money because […]

16 Jan

Da Boyds and Da Woyds

Pounding away on short stories, finishing up new collection, HARDER GROUND and setting sail with another collection I’m calling UNCHARTED EDGES. The latter is not about Conservation Officers, but it does look at folks in some extreme situations in a wide variety of settings around the world. Lots of fun. Some stories have churned in my […]

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