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27 Feb

Manuscript Status

Just this morning printed out the new short story collection HARDER GROUND.  We hope for spring 2015. 30 stories. I pulled a 31st for another story collection be called UNCHARTED EDGES.  As soon as I finish revising HARDER GROUND stories, I’ll get at BROWN BALL, which has been sitting as a first draft since last […]

27 Feb

Air Tales from Airline Aircrews

From pilot pals, from the civilian airline side. Airline Crew Stories: Some of these stories are somewhat unusual to say the least but the closest I experienced was as a brand new Captain at age 38, I flew a flight with the number 1 flight attendant , Ida Staggers, in the back who referred to […]

22 Feb


This is an odd one. a friend sent me a reference to the Ukrainian Berkut, a kind of special police used to cause all sorts of trouble at he orders of bad-news bosses? Sound familiar? From what I can read, this  unit name did not exist as a unit until after the Russians were gone […]

22 Feb

Infamous Aircraft Accident

Boom operator forwarded this to friends from 46 ARS, who forwarded to me. I don’t remember the incident. But the report is instructive in a drone world.   [INTROs WITH THE EMAIL] I graduated UPT at Laughlin on 3 Sep, 1967 in class 68-B. This accident happened in front of the next graduating class 68-C. […]

22 Feb

The Many Meanings and Uses of U.P.

People talk of the U.P. as if it is unknown, yet we refer to it every day in much of what we say. UP is defined as toward the sky or top of the list, but when we wake in the morning, we wake UP. At a meeting, topics come UP. We speak UP when […]

14 Feb

I Heart Day: Camo, Cleavage & Carhartts

 It was our intent to have late breakfast at the Crow’s Nest near old Kazoo Central H.S..  After circling block 2 x to find parking, stepped into the building with people lined down the stairs to the front door. Plan B, coffee in the disctinctly Third World Fourth Coast.  Wonderful whack-a-doodle signs.  Buck fifty for […]

13 Feb

Other Times Other Places

13 Feb

13 Feb

More Travel Stuff to Oogle.

13 Feb

Pix From The Past

Most of my life has been traveling, as AF brat, at lacrosse player, as USAF navigator, as businessman. I’ve kept journals of most of the times and trips and once in awhile something newsworthy would stimulate me to draw “cartoony”things to go in the journals. Lots of fun. Had forgotten about most of this. Here’s […]

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