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26 Mar

Baseball in the Blood

Thinking a lot about baseball these days, and especially about Detroit Tiger phenom Mark “The “Bird” Fidrych, who died at 54 in a farm accident. He brought life back to baseball and the tigers in the summer of 1976, and how appropriate it seems now that his flight and steep sharp rise coincided with our […]

25 Mar

Truth In Advertising and Such

Errand morning. Shaksper and I are sitting in Lonnie’s toy car in parking lot while she run’s errands, her final stop into TarJAY. I sat reading from Paul Horgan’s (Pulitzer, etc.) A CERTAIN CLIMATE: ESSAYS IN HISTORY, ARTS AND LETTERS. I am about a third into this excellent piece of work when I read the […]

21 Mar

The Day After

On the very small  news front, the short story collection has gone to the publisher for ed board meeting. It they’re interested it will be published a year or so from now. 30 all new, never-see-before short stories, all with female protagonists. Collection is called Harder Ground, Stories from the Distaff Angle. Over.  

15 Mar

Happy Birthday, Coach

Ed Jarvie was  a legendary UP coach for the Rudyard Bulldogs. I played football, basketball and baseball for him and was in his world history class. He was also principal of the HS in my senior year. He was a major force in shaping me and lots more kids. Happy 86th coach and wife Yvonne, […]

14 Mar

Last Gasps of Winter (Let Us Hope)

Seems springyish today, heaving melting, but still only 32 degrees.  Some visual thoughts to share. Over. .

13 Mar

Thots On the Irrelevance of Who Cooketh the Dinner

A week or so ago, Lonnie and three friends went over to a nice restaurant in town for dinner. While there, our friends noticed the cook step outside for a smoke and they were all disgusted. “Can you imagine him cooking our dinners?” It was a poignant moment, I thought, and it made me laugh […]

13 Mar

Can We Ever Really Know When Real is Real?

Just finished reading Neal Stephenson’s In The Beginning…Was the Command Line.” Very interesting 151-page “essay” about computers, IBM, Apple, Linux, BeOS, and all the rest. Some interesting notions and observations, as always in Stephenson’s polymathic  screeds. But here’s what jumped out to me: “When Ronald Reagan was a radio announcer, he used to call baseball […]

09 Mar

Sunday Funnies and Boo Hoo Blues, And Sew 4th.

I was very, very sad to read in today’s Gazette that Michael G “Mike” Martin, 72, has died. Haven’t seen Mike in years, but for a quarter of a century we saw a lot of each other at WMU games, at K-Wings games, in the Kalamazoo Optimist Hockey Association,  SW Michigan High School Hockey League, […]

01 Mar

Reading to Start the Year

Reading Through February. Actually I’m in he Wellington book now, and several of these I read last year and again this year, largely to transfer marginal notes to my Commonplace book. (1) Carolyn Ells, Michael G. Flaherty, Eds. Investigating Subjectivity: Research on Lived Experience. (1992) [NF]  (2)Welker Givson. Tough, Sweet & Stuffy: An Essay on […]

01 Mar

Michigan Loses One of It’s Own

Michigan conservation Officer William Cherry of Missaukee County died last night. Natural causes, no details. RIP. When one goes down, all feel the pain.

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