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30 Apr

Loading the Boat

Page proofs of MOUNTAINS OF THE MISBEGOTTEN have been returned to the  East for September publication. Next up, finish the first draft of BUCKULAR DYSTROPHY which I’ll ship East in the fall and before we return I should be working on page proofs of short stories for HARDER GROUND, which will be published next spring.  Harder Ground features […]

26 Apr

On-Line Auction for a Sweet Sounding Cause

The Bach Society of Kalamazoo has been in operation since 1946 and is committed to practicing, promoting, and preserving the art of choral music and the legacy of Johann Sebastian Bach (which rhymes with bock, a heavy German lager, and what could be more alluring than music and beer, eh?). I don’t often promote operations, […]

21 Apr

NY World’s Fair, 50 Years Ago.

  Guess what this week is? 50th anniversary of the 1964 World’s Fair in NY. Spectacular time and event and probably many of you were there. I was a junior at MSU at the time and the news was filled with early VN, LBJ, MLK, Disney, civil rights and all sorts of important things. New […]

17 Apr

More From the Wars, Hot and Cold

Note from my Pal Ed Haerter this morning, re the TIME story and other militaria. Most people today, even the adults are totally clueless about what went on during the cold war and most kids don’t even know what the term means. But here’s one anecdote of the kinds of things that happened. Joe, I […]

15 Apr

TIME Magazine Story on KC-135 Crash

Reporter  called me yesterday, put story up today. Here’s how to get to it. Over. —

15 Apr

First Fish Reports

My pal Johnny-Boy O’Neil of Toledo hit the Au Sable Holy Waters recently and had pretty sweet luck. The last fish has the largest spots on a brown I have ever seen on the Au Sable. I usually associated such markings with browns coming up from one of the Great Lakes. In any event a […]

14 Apr

Strange Happenings

Got a call today from an enterprising TIME magazine writer, asking about bailing out of KC-135 tankers. Last month DOD issued a report on a KC-135 in Kyrgyzstan from last year, No survivors. Turned out the aircraft was heavy and got into some severe gyrations and the tail section came off and the plane then […]

14 Apr

Monday Morning

First tick yesterday, first mosquito this morning. Aha. Flies all weekend. My gal Zeta in Deer Park can’t wait for MOUNTAINS OF THE MISBEGOTTEN. Wish a good week for all. I’d affix a cover for the new book, but I can’t figure out how to copy an Adobe document onto this. The usual half-ass computer […]

08 Apr

Last Week In Iron County

Bare ground here now in Da Zoo, but oop in  da Yoop? Not so much.   

07 Apr

Death and Dogs

Something to think about: Seems to me somewhere in my reading and/or movie-watching, hearing a curse uttered at certain times that so-and-so should, “die like a dog,” presumably this to be a nasty and bad thing. But James Thurber had a different take on a dog’s passing. “No dog is fond of dying, but I […]

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