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30 May

Looking Back at Game Warden Work

Retired CO Bob Schnieder came up with an album of photos from his long career. Some great stuff.[This damn Word System sucks.  top photo is of political effigies; Photos 2: Sgt. Dave  Palo and Bob Schnieder. Hunter killed a bear, claiming self-defense; the COs did a  necropsy, found that the bullet entered the butt and […]

28 May

Locus Solus

Our latest sanctum sanctorum is new only to us. Formerly a Henry Ford lumber mill, the facility is new the Michigan Tech Forestry Campus, and houses here date to 1938. Several houses are for rent by night, week or longer. There are 17 full-time residents, including kids and it is a serene, idyllic place. Henry Ford’s […]

27 May

Nature and Time

21 May

Abbaye II

More photos from the recent exploration. Enjoy. Over.

20 May

Abbaye Peninsula & Surrounds

A new week underway and we spent most of yesterday working our way out to the tip of and exploring the Abbaye Peninsula, which is Northeast of L’Anse, the peninsula standing between Keweenaw and Huron Bays. Wonderful country. You park your veek about a quarter mile from the end and hike out to the lava […]

18 May

Looking Back A Hunnert

I love old newspaper accounts. The one that follows dates from the period of the next Lute Bapcat story, which will be published in September, MOUNTAINS OF THE MISBEGOTTEN. With all the controversy over wolves these days, this old stuff about poison is interesting. Back in those days, rifles and traps proved very inferior to […]

17 May

Learn As You Go

The vet chewed my butt for snipping porky quills. Shaksper is back with us, happy to be home. We spent the day in Silver City after fetching him from the vet in Houghton. Beautiful day up here, sunny and warm. Saw a pine marten near the beach mid afternoon. Photos from the day’s events, etc. […]

16 May

Another Day in Da Woods

  Should add that the ice in Keweenaw Bay was stacked up at the bottom of the bay, pushed there by recent north winds. Some say Lake Superior will keep some ice into June. Photos follow. Over. Some day: Took drive up through Herman, almost ended up sunk in beaver crick, but somehow powered my […]

13 May


We are now installed in our house in Alberta,  Baraga County, which I called Baragastan in one of the Woods Cop Books. having gotten here a week ago Sunday, and only in last day or so been able to establish WiFi. Still no reliable phone coverage, but MTU allegedly building their own tower this summer. […]

01 May

Eyes North

The pre-penultimate day, which is to say, the day before the day before we leave and we are in the lugubrious stuff-everywhere stage of semichaos. Six months is a long stay anywhere, like a major move, but we are slowly getting more placed in storage above the bridge, so that, eventually, we can make the […]

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