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25 Jun

Poet Player Pal Posts New Website.

Poet Ken McCullough is former baseball teammate of mine from the days when we played summer ball in the Soo. He was a great ballplayer and is a fine poet. His new website is Check it out and enjoy. He writes about the north and our spaces and places. Over. Busy writing and researching, […]

23 Jun

The Voice of a “Supposed Person”

I’m back on the writer-is-not character kick. Been writing a lot of poems and a few short stories in past few weeks. The poems cover a range of subjects: special Olympians in a boat coming back to St. Ignace from Mackinac Island; spring storms; the antisocial habits of humming birds; Yooper nights in bars; stray […]

20 Jun

Rain in Paradise (The concept, not the Town)

When Shaksper spies a deer outside, he runs from doors to windows to see for sure. One of those days, skeeties hovering aloft in buzzing fleets, we had breakfast at the Nite Owl Cafe. Gathering of the local lads (all over 50) having morning coffee, gab-fest. Waitress leaned down to me and said, “No extra […]

19 Jun

Today’s Weather Report

This transcript just taken from midday weather report from Sue-Me Finnlander Radio– with its broadcats stackshun up dere Cowsit Lats,  up top da bick hill. ON CAMERA ANCHOR FINN: Toivo Maki ON-CAMERA WEATHER FINN: Eino Maki Transcript: ANCHOR:  Yah, okay dere, Eino, youse dere? WEATHER; Yah, sure. ANCHOR: Okey dere, youse got youse’s wedder preport? WEATHER: Yah, […]

18 Jun

A Poetry-Making Day and A Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my editor Keith Wallman, celebrating his birthday.  The poem does NOT flow from the photo.   Two Mongrels in the Snow in Greenwood Mo. Neither distinctive, you’d never suspect They carry ancient canis lupis blood, Come along the same time every day, Showing their domestic side, A need for routine, predictability, They […]

17 Jun

Interviews and Such

Did a live, remote gig on radio today, show called “Big Sea, Shining Water” on WOJB-FM Community Radio out of Ashland, Wisconsin. In was interviewed by morning host Eric Schubring, and Lissa Radke, U.S. Coordinator of the Lake Superior Binational Forum, Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute, Northland College. At this age and with my background I’ve […]

14 Jun

More From The Back Woods

From a recent jaunt up into one of our fave spots in the  western Hurons. Over the years, and no matter the legal limit, I and we have never failed to limit out in two hours on this little river.

13 Jun

Ford Plant Tour Continued

Here’s the last batch of tour photos. Heard it spit snow last night in Portage-Mattawan area. We laughed out loud.

12 Jun

How It Is

Today is June 12. The time of the long days has gently engulfed us with warm dry days, cool nights, the promise of wild  berries soon to come,mayflies hanging in the morning air, brook trout rising loudly, their delicious red flesh there for the taking. As if yesterday, we saw no ice in Keweenaw Bay. […]

11 Jun

Another Crisis in Culture Reprised

We are hearing all the time about the emptiness and self-centered posture  of Milennials and how they are growing up with social networks and smart phones and electronic games, and little human social contact and how this will of course lead to the demise of mankind and country. This came to mind as I was […]

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