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29 Aug

Watching the Fall

DAY 119, Friday August 29, 2014, Michigan Tech Ford Campus, ALBERTA- The forestry students are here at Ford Center, hard at work in the classroom normal people call Da Woods. Nights are, as Limpy Allerdyce would put it, coldening fast. Ferns go from green to brown, ignoring the yellow phase. Days are getting shorter, nights […]

28 Aug

Writing Continues

Alberta, Michigan, August 28, 2014 — Another short story into the bin tonight, title, “Olly Olly In Free.”

27 Aug

On the Road on Hump Day

We took off from our Alberta home base about 0730 and headed up to Laurium for breakfast at Toni’s. Then over to the Keweenaw National Historic  Park’s Calumet Visitor’s Center, where the Friend of the Porkies are displaying various pieces of art from former artists in residence. Lonnie and I had  a wonderful two-week tour […]

26 Aug

Berries and Such

Yesterday’s remarks are published as a separate page on the website, under the title of Remarks for Presque Isle Library… Today I took a hike up into the hills to find blackberries, and find them I did. They are just starting to ripen, but I  managed more than a pint. A pictoral history of the […]

26 Aug

Wisconsin’s Last Wilderness and Nighthawks Galore.

DAY 115, Monday, August 25, Presque-Isle, Vilas Co, Wi – This turned out to be a dandy day on all fronts, including a several-hours-long thunder and lightning pre-dawn sound and sight show to start the day , following by our discovery of Shaksper’s new travel skill, and ending with driving though a mile-long gauntlet of […]

26 Aug

U.P. Roads And Views Along The Way

Some pictures from the drive home yesterday from Presque Isle, Wisconsin, where we had a chat with fans. At one point we encountered a full mile of swarming nighthawks in full light of afternoon. The road runs through a swamp and the bird were chowing down and showing off their flying skills at head level […]

26 Aug

The Serendipity of Stories Found

DAY 116, Aug 26, 2014, ALBERTA – One of my reading strategies to read all the work (the ouvre) of particular authors. Recently I’ve been plowing through the unique and late Richard Brautigan. A couple of days ago I got in the mail the Omnibus collection with the title of Richard Brautigan’s Trout Fishing in […]

24 Aug

The Passing of a Fishing Friend; Fred Lee, FIP (Fish in Peace)

  My old friend fishing pal, and fishing mentor Fred Lee died August 21 after a long scrap with early onset dementia. He was 63 when he passed on to the great rivers of Heaven. I learned of this from friends in T.C. who monitor Kalamazoo media. It was a shock. There was a time […]

18 Aug

Rainy Day Monday: Thoughts on Fall, Students, and “Solutionism”

DAY 108, Monday, August 18, 2014, ALBERTA– We’re still a month away from official fall, but all kinds of signs of the change are already here on campus. Our forty or so junior class forestry students have arrived for their fall semester (they’ll got to just before firearm deer season). They arrived in trucks and […]

17 Aug

Tribes and Such: Here and There, Ours and Theirs

  SUNDAY, AUGUST  17, 2014, ALBERTA — I just finished two more short stories for my collection, UNCHARTED EDGES (aiming for spring, 2015).  “Power” and “Neti, Neti, “ (Neti, neti  is Sanscrit for “neither this nor that.”) Both stories  deal with aspects of secrecy, specifically the  effects of secrecy on the individual and  how choices […]

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