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30 Sep

Productive Day on the Drawing Table

All color pencil on grocery bag.

29 Sep

DNR on My Mind

Just sitting down to lunch today when a CO pal called me. He and his PCO were in a restaurant having lunch. My pal went to pay bills and a table of women summoed the P CO partner over. The conversation, I am told, went something like this: Q: Do you know a guy named […]

28 Sep

Summer’s Drawings

DAY 149, SUNDAY, September 28,ALBERTA — ¬†High today, as yesterday will be in the muggy low 80s. Tomorrow high in the low 40s, barely out of the 30s. Ah, Yooper weather at its “temperate” best…. Pictures of picture’s in today’s blog, output for the stint, so far, all in color pencil on grocery bags, which […]

27 Sep

Part III from the Keweenaw

27 Sep

Part Two, Keweenaw Run

27 Sep

Photos from the Keweenaw Sortie

27 Sep

More Color Tour Pix

This batch should complete the Cable Lake jaunt.  

27 Sep

Week Of Wandering

DAY 148, SATURDAY, September 27, 2014, ALBERTA — This was one of those fly-by weeks, gone in a flash, marked by the turn of the equinox, no more hummers, two wolf sightings closeby, and 750 miles in the Green Streamer. Lonnie just woke up after 10 hours in the sack. I am wearing her out, […]

23 Sep

Our Wolf is Back….

On the road most of the day for quick color touring. Photos follow. Our wolf was back in the same spot on Ford Lake tonight. Guess it likes the view.

23 Sep

Seeing Things on the Cusp of the Equinox

Walked over to Ford Lake last night, and Jambes Longues spotted something on a shore and we looked closer. It was a wolf, checking out the lake, about a hundred yards east of us, and we had the wind. Very cool. We love being close to wildlife, even the bears pooping in our yard.

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