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30 Oct

Seussian Ways That We Go Through Our Days

DAY 181, October 30, ALBERTA VILLAGE – Bisecting life into six-month chunks is easier said than done and requires some thinking and planning. Luck doesn’t hurt the cause (here, think weather, as in no progress-impeding snow). This is our last full day in the Yoop this year, we will soon BTB until spring begins to […]

28 Oct

Random Shot for 28 Oct 14

28 Oct

Getting Ready For Winter

30 fellas from a Michigan Tech Fraternity came down to the Ford Campus Saturday and moved 30 cords of firewood from outside piles into nice stacks inside the maintenance center, which heats on wood and uses 25 cords a winter. They accomplished this in 3 hours. Kudos to the lads, Lonnie says. Photos show what […]

28 Oct

Memories Are Made of this

DAY 170, October 28, 2014, ALBERTA — Tomorrow will be six months. The new wood art is all glued, needs only to be sprayed. Supposed to have snow sprinkles the next couple of days, but we shall see. Here are some photos from past deer seasons with my DNR pals. It’s almost time again for […]

25 Oct

Time Flying Here at the End

DAY 176, Saturday, October 25, 2014, ALBERTA, MI — Today was Tech’s volunteer day and students poured onto the Ford Campus and moved 30 full cords of heating wood from the campus grounds into the central shop area. Amazing what teamwork and a willing attitude can accomplish. Meanwhile I keep moving ahead with Buckular Dystrophy, […]

21 Oct

More Wood Art in Process

Days I write and BUCKULAR DYSTROPHY (WOODS COP #10) is growing steadily, approaching Act 3 of 5. At night I’ve been piddling with wood and agates again. Pix follow. More pix from ramblings later.

18 Oct

Deerggerel Saturday Morning

Saturday morning, MSU vs Indiana later today, moving left to right on my radio dial with George Blaha and the “team.” This morning, I’m working on BUCKLAR DYSTROPHY, the tenth Woods Cop story, and  the whole focus on Grady Service and one very strange deer season where he runs into a series of people who […]

17 Oct

Mo Pix

Enjoy the natural beauty of Baraga County in the Land ATB (Above the Bridge):

17 Oct

Thinking About Re-Entry, BTB….

DAY 168, Friday, October 17, ALBERTA – Gas at $2.90/gal in Baraga yesterday at the Indian stations, about a quarter cheaper than stations in L’Anse. Be nice if it lasts, but it won’t, and so it goes. Two weeks left in our sojourn and then we’re back in Portage. Will be working with COs BTB […]

13 Oct

Tiz the Season For Rutting

CO Dave Painter and PCO Mike Mansell, less than 10 miles from here, one week ago, middle of the day. The bull came within four feet of the driver’s window and circled the truck. First the animal came out of the bush in front of the truck. Eventually it went past and started for US […]

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