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31 Jan

Thinking About Rhetoric and Such

Reading sometimes reveals some interesting quandaries. Lucius Annaeus Seneca ,aka Seneca the Younger, was long-time tutor and advisor for the Roman Emperor Nero.  Around the year BCE 59, the boss tried to kill his mother Agrippina in such a way as to make it look accidental. When this failed he had to send hitters to […]

30 Jan


Tribute to Trevor-Roper Letters writ, Mercuriusly Lightly envenomed darts Shot straight blue-through or  banked Angularly, as in Snew-ka, one must Write and read Painfully slowly, you see, Any exceptional bit of work, Nevermind nevermind Come-from-behind pigheaded Vulgarians, moral lepers, Self-serving memories of old men Wearing once-a-year Onceuponatime gewgaws Flashes and splashes tinkling Like fine chest […]

30 Jan

Late January Morning

If you’re a blog follower, you know my mind sometimes takes fancy flights of fancy. I breaks loose and I let it go until it’s tired.  As light now comes, this was born in darkness before morning twilight (BMT). Here I sit I ere fruhstuck in the garden of gloaming,  sotto voce I love the […]

25 Jan

Reputation and Authors

I’m currently plowing through the prodigious AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MARK TWAIN and ran across this little  entry concerning authors and popularity. Twain and the author Robert Louis Stevenson (Treasure Island, one of his pals) were sitting on a public bench at Washington Square in New York City. They were engaged in (no doubt smoking cigars)  what […]

21 Jan

Gold and Red and Green and Gray

My badge is gold, my blood is red. My office is unencumbered by walls. I wear gray — the color of a menacing sky, and green from the forest. My truck is usually brown from mud and dirt. As are my boots. I am: spouse, parent, grandparent, child, sibling, I am part of an extended […]

16 Jan

Poem For A Friday

Growing Up Global 1. Football in a barren lot with Paolo His not ours, no need for arms. He had but one. I suggested baseball But he demurred, said he’d tried it once With a grenade It took away all sporting options But soccer, and even then No goalkeeping, Fated to be strictly a field […]

15 Jan

Book Lovers and Readers All

Had a fine turnout last night at the Richland (MI) Community Library. Text is posted here before a couple of photos from the event. “Some Thoughts On Writing Fiction” Take a deep breath. Hold. Now let it out slowly. My intention tonight is to give you the finger. As a novelist and a maker of […]

12 Jan

Love Letters of An Author (Or is It To, or At an Author?)

Got this note from a reader in Chesapeake VA.  Came in the website yesterday but didn’t see it until this morning.  No greeting or salutation. “My husband and I enjoyed your books but he died two years ago from lung cancer tho he had quit smoking 22 years before. It is not fun to read […]

07 Jan

Je Suis Charlie

Je Suis Charlie

07 Jan

Another One Done

This morning I emailed BUCKULAR DYSTROPHY, the 10th Woods Cop novel to my agent in New York. Publication fall of 2015.  Next assignment, finish updates and new essays for a re-publication of COVERED WATERS later in 2015. The third Lute Bapcat story  is forming in my head no.  Next actual publicatio , March 1, HARDER […]

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