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28 Feb

The Unseen Fly in the Formula’s Ointment

It’s o427 and 2 degrees,  and I’ve been at it for two hours already,my  plan this morning to get some work  done before Long Legs and I head over to our favorite local art show. True to plan I finished another draft  (no idea of which number I’m up to, and it doesn’t matter)  of […]

27 Feb

Requiem for Navigators of the Old School

This piece has been brewing for a while, but it took Nicholas Carr’s fine book THE GLASS CAGE, to push me to write it.  Growing up as a USAF brat, a great number of houses I lived in, schools I attended, no longer exist. My family passed through them, time passed, they were torn down, […]

26 Feb

First Out in 1987 and 1992, Now Back in Print!

Just got copies in the mail this morning!

26 Feb

Hot From the Pubolish

Just got my copy. Official pub date is March 1, but they are in circulation now.

18 Feb

Memories Are Made of This

Thor’s Hammer, Thud Memories I know   that some of you are deeply alergic to Long E-Mailed Harangues.  I      didn’t write this one and it is NOT political. I am not      sure that anyone is more nostalgic than an old pilot, particularly military      ones and most particularly old combat pilots.  I certainly see it in      […]

18 Feb

Thoughts on Writing, Aging, Words and Actions

Teaching of a law professor: “When you’re fighting a case, if you have the facts on your side, hammer them into the jury; if you have the law on your side, hammer it into the judge; and if you have neither the law nor the facts, hammer hell into the table.” Most of the rhetoric […]

01 Feb

Planning for When the White Dirt Melts

We’re getting a foot of snow today. So be it. I let my mind travel elsewhere (which is safer than aiming the truck across the ice patch). IMMUNTABLE BAKER’S DOZEN OF LAWS CONCERNING THE PURSUIT OF TROUT WITH FLIES  Over the years we each come to understand and codify our own laws governing fly fishing.  […]

01 Feb

Song of Sounds, Thoughts At the End of One Twelfth of the Year.

Song of Sounds.Thoughts Late At Night at One Twelfth of the Year The eagle’s wings push hard air overhead. The black bear mama chomps loudly to warn away interrupters. A fawn bleats for Mum in a thicket on a peninsula jutting into an oxbow trout river. Tingles of a riffle walking gravity over rippled stone […]

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