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31 Mar

First Quarter Reading List

People ask me what I’m reading. Here’s what I’ve gotten through in the first quarter of 2015: READING; 2015 (1) William Sanders. Are We Having Fun Yet? American Indian Fantasy Stories. (2002) [SS (2) Scott Russell Sanders. Earth Works: Selected Essays. (2012) [ESS (3) Joseph Heywood. Buckular Dystrophy (2015) [Submission Draft] (4) Sarah Bakewell. How […]

31 Mar

Mental Illness, Air Tragedy, and Various Off-Piste Mind Wanderings

Germanwings Flight 9525 and its 150 dead: What is there to say? If the copilot drove the Airbus into the mountains with suicidal intent, and that certainly seems to be the case, we’re left with a kind of psychic huffing and puffing over the outcome, and fretting and sweating over how it might have been […]

30 Mar

What If Mark Twain Was Alive Today.

(From a Clive James 1993 New Yorker piece on Mark Twain.) It got me to wondering how Mark Twain might be received today in our polarized land. “You could just about convince yourself that Huckleberry Finn was a work of literature in the Old World style, aimed at a refined public – after all, it […]

30 Mar

Love my Country, Hate the Government

I’ve been reading from From Clive James’s collection, Cultural Cohesion, from an essay entitled, “Mark Twain – Journalist.” (Which first appeared in the June 14, 1993 New Yorker.) There are some interesting thoughts in the piece that is about Mark Twain and his travels abroad, but includes some interesting thoughts regarding our current national political […]

25 Mar

Speaking “American”

Just the other day I heard someone at a neighboring table in a greasy spoon here in Portage  ranting about how immigrants to this country need to learn and exclusively use our American language. I had to swallow a laugh. Our American lingo? No doubt the man  meant English, and I remember George Bernard Shaw’s […]

25 Mar

Looking Back at Religion Gone Awry

Hump Day, March 26, 2015 –We see so much screaming about the extreme barbarism of radical Islamists but seem to forget extremism has been the moving force in Christianity at times as well, and the atrocities not swo different. Here’s an excerpt from the late Carl Sagan (1934-1996) from a piece entitled “The Demon-Haunted World.” […]

24 Mar

Zorro Composes Flash Fiction

My old aircraft commander and pal, Zorro E.D., sent the following story to me today, wondering if I might find a publication home for it. A Pilot’s Story:                                                       Once  […]

24 Mar

The Verse Vine

Tax preps done, the mind shifts from numbers to other things. Making Food Believe It is Not Food A trick of  accumulated skill Some fine skulduggerying sorcery. So simple in principle, Mending line, erasing drag, Replacing nature’s provenance With your own, Think modern trick like Frigidaire To keep food real, (or looking so,) Think of […]

23 Mar

Poem of Bygone Times (We Hope Bygone)

Alert 1. Wrote Mozart, Day of wrath, day of anger will dissolve the world in ashes, as foretold by David and the Sibyl. Great trembling there will be when the Judge descends from heaven to examine all things closely. There is no time for prayer When the klaxon calls at night and your only Thought […]

21 Mar

Afternoon at the Theatah…

We gave ourselves an anniversary gift today and went to a matinee presentation at  Miller Auditorium on the campus of Western Michigan University. Once there, Lonnie and her friend Mary Lou left me lurching alone in the lobby while they went in search of the public biffy and I settled against a wall to watch […]

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