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27 Apr

Curiosity Beyond the Pale

There’s a shared quality in all living creatures called curiosity. Cat’s, dogs, grasshoppers, robins, they all have some form of it though we don’t really understand what the motivation actually is the body-brain chemistry involved. It’s natural and occurs in greater or lesser amounts in individuals as dictated by species, genetic gifts and amplified by […]

24 Apr

Seeing is Believing? Or Is It?

It’s an old saw that a picture is worth a thousand words, but is it? The more I think about process of perception, how we imperfect humanoids see stuff,  and the more we think about it, the gooier el groundo getteth.  Lonnie and I talk about this human perception thing all the time, mostly in […]

22 Apr

Blast From the Past

Ran across this in going through files, Drawing from the late 60s, now in the collection of Art Smith, my former aircraft commander and comrade.

22 Apr

The Intimate Greatness of Small

April 22 here in Portage and it is snowing. Not with any serious intentions. More a reminder of which season is most miserable for and controlling of human life and behavior. We’ll soon head north across the bridge and I have been thinking about what the draw is for this  annual progress. Fifteen years ago […]

20 Apr

Thinking About Debt

Ink I be of that tribe old enough to remember ink jars Sunk in school desks, the little circle surfaces shiny- black as oil Surely as valuable, our teacher wary of our replenishing the black blood On our own, telling us such work needed surer hands, and steady nerves Something he called experience as if […]

15 Apr

Those Ghosties Inside Us

We are packing for the “progress”  north and, as usual, my mind wants to go to something other than scutdom and so I procrastinate physically and in my mind. Out studio looks out on our backyard, which has been the scene of thousands of non-regulation, unregulated baseball games, all operating on the honor system but […]

13 Apr

Research Methods and Note-Keeping: Getting Ready to Write

When I am traveling to examine potential book and scene sites (all over the world),  I use a combination of photographs, drawings, and notes, both from my  travels and from my historical research. Here is stuff from November 1990 in Belgium, pretty much in the area around Ypres (which British soldiers pronounced, “Wipers”).  Gas was […]

08 Apr

Publishing: The Adventure in Modern Technology.

The joys of writing.  Ny mnemory goes back to the day I spent in NYC at Lyons Press meeting the publisher Nick Lyons and we briefly discussed The Snowfly and then spent the better part of the afternoon going through a passel of flies that had been sent to him. Many of them he passed […]

02 Apr

Upper Peninsula as Geographic Split Infinitive

Declared  Dear Popeye: “I loves ta greedily eats me spinach and ta sometimes breaks da rules.” A smidge of April rain fell at first light to lightly massage the grasses and to happily bring forth new life. Nothing like making a point to aggressively split infinitives like some of our old-timey Yooper friends are wont […]

01 Apr

April Fish, Virginia Woolf & the 39th Bullshido Camp

I woke up this morning thinking about work, not the kind I did for 30 years in the corporate world, but the kind of work I do now. In those days it was almost impossible to find time to think during the work day, which pushed such activity primarily to the night in off-work hours. […]

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