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25 May

Wake of A Wolf

Memorial Day in the rain, all day, and lots of it. Last night at dinner we were enjoying Rustic Italian Chicken when Lonnie said, “Wolf.” Sure enough a large one was crossing the campus just west of us and then turned east walked down a paved road to the two-track that runs up Blackberry Ridge, […]

24 May

Baragastan Cartoons

So far this year…

22 May

Please Bow Your Heads and say a Quiet Prayer; Ed Jarvie is No Longer Among Us

The dragon is dead.  But our thoughts are not so much with the legendary fire-breather who has flown off to new fields and battles, but with Yvonne, the dragon’s helpmate, right-hand-woman, and mother of their eight children, grande dame of a huge extended, loving family. I first met the dragon in 1958. He was my […]

19 May

The Chow Line Never Stops

At 0600 I wondered when the hummers would show. Answer: 0603. Beautiful! Shaksper is outside…eating snow, his fave.

19 May

And Yet the Birds Sing Good Morning

I got blackfly bites last night on my hand, and this morning we have this gift from Ma. Over. (I wish)

18 May

How A Novel is Born

TTThird Planet From The Sun, ALBERTA — Monday, May 18, 2015 – Writing is a peculiar damn game and all of us immersed in it have similar, yet distinct and unique ways of approaching the game. The 10th Grady Service will be out next spring, under the title of Buckular Dystrophy. And it was my […]

16 May

Day of Cruising

Took a ride over to Michigamee today, and worked our way back. Beautiful Yooper bluebird sky and nice temps. Blackflies EVERYWHERE!  Dave Stimac (Nature’s Way) picked up five birdeye maple logs and you can see how foresters can sometimes ID birdeye in the woods. Some pix from the day. Over.

16 May

Weekend Edition over Coffee and Bird Feeders in the North Woods

Weekend Edition over Coffee& Bird Feeders in the North Woods Voice over music Classically rendered It makes for sound sleep   Hooligans swarming Rising suns warm all small things Lay off the hummers   Siskins flit en masse Buzz like feathered dildo They distract all thought   Twelve-grain bread toasting Ambrosial plume spreading We drool the […]

15 May

Playing With Haiku, Baseball and Such

Playing With Haiku, Baseball and Such First line must be five Followed then by seven To end on five beats   Gray clouds overhead Line moving slowly away Sabi together   Bed of hardest slate Soft grass pillow my head feels The best gate a mind   Flyballs Texas up We watch birds lazing along […]

14 May

Menges Creek Road and DiSilvestro Birches

Took a ride to the green house today to order our plants in pots. Pick up after Memorial Day. No planting up here until after the first full moon in June (probable, historic last freeze). Came back from town on Menges Creek Road, which was closed most of last summer due to bridge construction Service […]

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