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30 Jun

First Half (2015) Reading List

What follows is my reading for the first six months of the year. JTH READING; 2015  [As Of 6-30-15] (1) William Sanders. Are We Having Fun Yet? American Indian Fantasy Stories. (2002) [SS] (2)Scott Russell Sanders. Earth Works: Selected Essays. (2012) [ESS (3)Joseph Heywood. Buckular Dystrophy (2015) [Submission Draft] (4)Sarah Bakewell. How To Live, or […]

24 Jun

Pinery Indian Cemetery

      Baraga County…          

24 Jun

Silver Falls, Silver River, Baraga County


21 Jun

Sunday Morning Drive

Some photos from this morning’s Putt-Putt Session in da Woods.

21 Jun

Birdeye Maple and a Rainy Day

Mostly at work here. We seem to be in a  Sat-Sun rain-day sked  and hope this will eventually shift. Yesterday picked up our plants from Keweenaw Greenhouse, up near the headwaters of the Silver River. Sky filled with rain and skeeties.  Locally we still have blackflies (buffalo gnats) everywhere, but they don’t seem to be […]

16 Jun

Recent Sojourns Along the Presque Isle River

This refers to the Presque Isle that runs south to north along the far westerns side of Porcupine Mountains State Park, one of our state’s great treasures (perhaps even the crown jewel). Enjoy. Over.

03 Jun

Hunting Fishing Water

For a lot of trout fishermen, home water is a loose and porous concept. Those who limit their fishing to one river and no other (either discovered in youth or adulthood) seem fewer and fewer and limited to landowners. When you shell out a wad for river land there’s a financial  reason to stay close. […]

02 Jun

Sickos and Their Latest Gambit

PETA is at it again. What total asshats, top to bottom…I do belong to PETA but my group is called People for the Eating of Tasty Animals.

02 Jun

Oot in Da Woods

Spent the day looking at trout water. Most places still far from unwadable, high with swamp snow and ice runoff, plus recent rain. Will post river pictures later, but here are some other things we ran across over the course of 4-5 hours:  

01 Jun

June 1 Lilac Lifeforms

Lilacs are starting to fade but they are still drawing in the wildlife. Hummers were too hinky to catch with the camera, but mama robin remained calm on her nest and the butterflies and bees were busy. Only three blackfly bites in the process. Photos follow:

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