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30 Jul

Report From the Planet Baragastan

BUCKULAR DYSTROPHY, the 10th Woods Cop novel, has taken the next step  down the production road. Electronically sent my final revisions back to my editor this morning, and now I await typesets, a copy editor, a proofreader, a fact-checker, looks at covers and design and all the rest,  with publication to occur next spring, not […]

24 Jul

From Hodag Country, Some Words on Writing

Rhinelander District Library, Rhinelander, Wisconsin July 20, 2015 Joseph Heywood “On the Written Word.”   J.S. Kresge, founder of the national chain was invited by the Harvard Business School to honor him by naming a building after him. (I’m guessing he’d plonked down a big donation.) The big day came, he was introduced, stood, went […]

20 Jul

Wisconsin-Bound Tonight

Remarks tonight at the Rhinelander Wisconsin District Library, 1830 Hrs. Central time, 1930 Eastern. Can’t think of something better to do?  Join us in Hodag Country for  a reverie on the written word. Meanwhile, hopper season is upon our fish blessings and I have been playing at other than writing (okay doing both) but thinking […]

13 Jul

Reviews and Forecasts

Forecast: Two days ago, up near Pequaming we saw a pair of Least Sandpipers, the smallest American shorebirds who winter in far south America and summer in the Arctic. This being one helluva long jaunt, the Leasts are among the very first fall migrant birds who arrive. Ergo, the move to fall has begun, sportsfans. Da […]

10 Jul

Trout at 71 7/12

Truth can be a portrait or portent of disaster. 72 degrees of becalmed air, think “Dutch-summer” perfection, what we sometimes call the sweet spot, and often a kiss-of-death for midday trout-chasing. Size 13 wading boots stumbling over loose, uneven cobble, set on old lava flows, down-angled, solid black rock walls where one must perch like […]

07 Jul

39th Annual Baldwin Bullshido Fishing Camp Looming Ahead

Cover page for this year’s cartoon entries.

03 Jul

Canyon Falls

Hanging with Doet and Jaap, our Frisian friends from the Netherlands. Great fun.  

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