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Archive for August, 2015

22 Aug

Tripping Around Da Yoop

18 Aug

Motel(s) Hell, Adventures in the Eastern Yoop.

This piece launches a new (e.g. sometime, occasional) blog category, we’re calling Motel(s) Hell, which of course is tongue-in-cheek. Mostly. Sort of. I think. We recently spent time as semi-nomads (a natural state for us) over in the Eastern UP for five days, including hotel stays in Noobs (Newberry) and Iggy (St. Ignace), the latter […]

11 Aug

Getting Handles on History, Writers, and Historians

Nothing heavy, just some thinking on a nice August day. Take a break, smoke ’em if you got.em. All right, cards on the table up front: I wrote down the source of some of what follows, but can’t read my own handwriting, and neither can Lonnie. Sigh. If I ever figure out the source, I’ll […]

11 Aug

Summer’s Doldrums

The usual routine here, writing and drawing and reading with occasional fishing. Here follows some of the summer drawing output, all these in marker, Swiss watercolor crayons, and color pencil. Great fun to experiment, try new stuff, new subjects, but somehow my mind usually turns back to fish. Gotta do something with time, eh?

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