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21 Dec

Dogs and Other Theological Subjects

French author, Sylvain Tesson, writes in The Consolations of the Forest: Along in a Cabin on the Siberian Taiga (Rizzoli, 2013)  “I step in to visit V.E. who entrusts two of his twelve dogs to me. Aika is a black female, Bek, a white male. They are four months old. This will bark if bears […]

20 Dec

Trois Rivieres

Had a fine signing at Lowry’s Books in Three Rivers yesterday, time for Bonnie Jo Campbell and I to pick each other’s brains and catch-up on the making-stuff-up- writin’-world grind-up. Thanks to Tom Lowry and his fine staff of book warriors  for hosting.

19 Dec

Friday Night Fights and Other Musings

Last night was Friday: Jambe Longue had shuffled off to bed and left me brain-surfing between the A.W. Rowse bio of Wm Shakespeare and a TV channel called SPIKE (which I had sorta, maybe-kina- heard of, but never watched). But last night they advertised three straight hours of boxing and I just had to take […]

18 Dec

A lesson In Writing, from the Bard Himself.

Shakespeare was a poet, engaged in drama (as opposed to a playwright who dabbled in poetry).  Biographer A.L. Rowse describes it thus: “Here was a poet, first and foremost, at work – though it does not stand in disjunction from the dramatist: As a player (actor) he would know how it sounded; it was designed […]

15 Dec

Blogging Before Breakfast: “Juliet is the Sun.”

This time of year can induce moods of reflection, for example, what constitutes home? What home isn’t, is a mere house, which in itself is a mere thing. Having spent most of my formative  life in a military family the only house I recall with any familiarity is that of my grandparents in Rhinecliff, New […]

08 Dec

Booked For Lunch

Booked for Lunch is the title of author lunches at the Gladwin County District Library. Had a fine turnout yesterday and CO Mark Papineau helped me establish the difference between fiction and reality. Also saw my old comrade and friend Frank Bonham and wife Sandy. Frank (Auburn ’65) and I went through undergraduate navigator training […]

06 Dec

The 10th Woods Cop Story

Coming March 1, 2016 

04 Dec

2015 Deer Season, Part 5 of 5

DAY 11: Saturday, November 28 – I meet CO Jeff Goss in Calhoun Co, dump my gear in his truck and we hit the road. We get a late start (1630 Hours) intending to work late. We both anticipate a lot of weekend activity. Jeff will be headed to the Conservation Officer Academy  in East […]

04 Dec

2015 Deer Season, Part 4

DAY 9: Monday, November 23 – Becky Hopkins and I are partnered again. Our first call comes early, at 0715. It’s nothing urgent but it wakes her up and we will deal with it later in the day. This morning we start west toward the lake shore and as we approach a pine plantation we […]

04 Dec

2015 Deer Season, Part 3

DAY 6: Thursday, November 19 – I talked to my partner CO Rich Stowe yesterday and this morning I drove from Benzonia over to Traverse City this morning to bunk several nights with Joe and Nan Harris, old friends from the Kalamazoo, Upjohn, hockey and soccer days. Rich picks me up at Noon at the […]

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