Book Signing Sessions Loom in Kalamazoo and Gaylord

The for-sure signing is Saturday, April 2,  2016, 2-4 p.m. at Saturn Booksellers in Gaylord.

Tentative at Kazoo Books in Kalamazoo, Friday April 1, 2016, Libby Fischer (Ellie Foreman mysteries) is passing through town and K.B.’s John Wenger (Esquire) is trying to arrange some sort of wing-ding, possibly including a light lunch. Will post more when I know. 

Old-Timey Sunday Afternoon

Not much blogging recently. Too busy with two manuscripts and all that goes with that. The titles are A SPORTING OF SKELETONS (The 11th Woods Cop Mystery) and FIVE GOLD RINGS (Tale of a treasure hunt during World War II).  Lonnie cooked Un poulet rôti avec pommes de terre, les oignons, les carottes, le céleri et les navets, which is to say, a whole dang chicken carcass, and a pile of veggies for an old fashioned Sunday lunch and of course that was a perfect excuse to  crack a bottle of  inexpensived Bourfdeaux. (Yes there is such a thing if you know where to look). I  watched the Broncos upset the Patriots and Jambe Longue’s little sister Mary shared some new in-the-works music from her daughters, Megan and Liz. These were from the the master of four songs from the next collection, which comes out in March. Great stuff. Song titles: “Drive”; “White T-Shirt”;”Big Kids”; and, “That Ghost.” The ladies are wonderfully creative song writers and  riveting performers and growing all the time in their art. “Drive,” says Jambe Longue, may become our travel theme song. Ironic that their collection under the title of DEUX, will be out about a week after my next book, which is called, BUCKULAR DYSTROPHY. Also talked in past two days to my CO friend who came up with the term buckular dystrophy — deer hunters who can’t control their greed. Good to hear his voice. He called me specifically to tell me about a CO who was interviewing someone and as they talked, a tooth fell out of  of the guy’s mouth onto the table. Definitely a moment for a future book. Here are the covers for Megan and Liz in  DEUX, and for BUCKULAR DYSTROPHY.  Both out  in March, be on the lookout, s’il vous plait! Over.

Pub Date is March 1, 2016
Pub Date is March 1, 2016
Pub Date is March 1, 2016
Pub Date is March 1, 2016

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