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25 Feb

Dark Memories from Detroit: The Black Legion

It’s difficult to sum up this book with enough superlatives. Who but a top journalist could put together such a finely woven fabric of life and weave uncountable personalities, events and moments together – and in doing so — bash one out of the park like Hank Greenberg? Tom Stanton’s new book will be published […]

25 Feb

Delp Scores Again

Late yesterday recieved my copy of Michael Delp’s New poetry collection: Lying in the River’s Dark Bed: The Confluence of the Deadman and the Mad Angler. (Wayne State University Press.) Delp knows of what he writeth about. His blood is river water. Here’s an example: DEADMAN AS WRITER Deadman treats words like road kill, runs […]

19 Feb

Friday Thinking in Softening Air

This is how one mind works, how life is lived in the low, slow Friday lane,  Dies veneris, vendredi, biernes, venerde, Unmarked in the unsighted world. It is said that once it  was said there was a woman so bloody good looking that she was difficult to look at.  Then kilt in an avalanche. One […]

17 Feb

Of Maps and Stories

To ask for a map is to say, “Tell me a story.” Let me be quick to add that if you are of the G.P.S. generation and under twenty, the chances probably are that you have little or no clue to the joys, mysteries, or stories inherent in and on a map. This is a […]

13 Feb

Winter’s Drudge in the Wording Life

Six  degrees F this morning, wind blowing some, less than a foot of snow on the ground, winter keeps eroding toward spring. Copies of BUCKULAR DYSTROPHY came in the mail this week. Meanwhile I’m on to other pursuits. There is little opportunity to sit on  one’s laurels in this business, mainly from internal drive that […]

06 Feb

Names, The Nature of Ambiguity, and Other Oddities in the World of Writing

Just got my newest edition of the LONDON REVIEW OF BOOKS and there is a piece in it about one Jim Grant, now more commonly known to his book fans as Lee Childs, creator of the Jack Reacher series. I’ve not read any of his stuff, but I have certainly seen the covers and I […]

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