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Archive for June, 2016

18 Jun

Wolves as Poetry

Our neighbor Dick and his dogs Wally and Chester (chockie labs) have seen six wolves within 200 or so yards of our house over the past 10 days. We think the Alberta pack  has pups back in their rendevous area in the swamp west of here– teaching  their newbies to hunt beavers. Wish they’d ask […]

14 Jun

Poem Thoughts: Tuesday Night Minwaajimo

Tuesday Night Minwaajimo Here we sit on Indi’n time, (no relation to Greenwich) In a classroom with two bearskins and an 8-point buck head Not replicas, genuine taxidermitage the OppSit of avatars and Navstar. The bulletin board is salmon-flesh-red with munido and dodem signs Our chairs tan and black, with wheels to make us mobile, […]

12 Jun

Woodticking on Joe Roads

Past few days, batting about (woodticking) in the boonies. Some random photos follow.

05 Jun

Writerly Think

MTU FORD CAMPUS, ALBERTA VILLAGE, BARAGASTAN– Sunday June 6, 2016:  I am reading essays from Living With Shakespeare (Viking, 2013). In it, David Farr quotes in “The Sea Change,” lines for the character Antipholus of Syracuse (from The Comedy of Errors): I to the world am a drop of water That in the ocean seeks […]

02 Jun

Year’s Reading List, Through June 1, 2016

1.N.Wilson. The Elizabethans. (2011) [NF] 2. Penelope Lively. Dancing Fish and Ammonites. (2013) [NF] 3.Charlie Lovett. The Bookman’s Tale. (2013) 4.John Colville. The Fringes of Power. 10 Downing Street Diaries, 1939-1955. (1985) [NF] 5.William H. Gass. Finding A Form. (1997) [NF] 6.Charles Clement Walker. John Heminge and Henry Condell Friends and Fello-Actors of Shakespeare and […]

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