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28 Nov

Weekend In a DNR Truck

EVENT 1: My partner CO Jeff Goss (Calhoun Co))  meets me at our traditional rendezvous spot in a small town south of Battle Creek — about an hour-drive east  of Portage. I chuck my gear in the truck and Jeff reports to Station 20 (The RAP Room in Constitution Hall in Lansing) that he is […]

24 Nov

Random Thoughts and Memories From A Random Mind

Happy Thanksgiving. Still sorting files and journals here. On July 4, 1985 we were in South Bend for a soccer tournament (U-14). I picked up some tabloids at a stop-and-rob while replenishing team snacks: here’re the headlines offered: INSTANT COFFEE CURES HERPES/MENGELE STILL LIVES – AS A WOMAN/ GAY BIG FOOT GOES FOR LITTLE BOYS. […]

22 Nov

A Day In The DNR Law Enforcement Cave

Drove to Lansing, yesterday and spent the day with our dispatchers in the Report All Poaching (RAP) room in Constitution Hall. After 16 years of hearing them from a truck radio, it was educational to spend time in the room. My biggest realizations: These folks block a lot of silly garbage from taking up the […]

20 Nov

Upcoming Book Signing Event: December 10, 2016

Kazoo Books Author Hop/Merry Mitten Event is scheduled for Saturday, December 10, 2016. The store is located at 2413 Parkview Avenue, Kalamazoo. Drop by to shoot the breeze with your favorite authors, get books autographed, have a cookie and tea or coffee. Hang out. Lonnie and I will probably arrive a little before out 1 […]

20 Nov

Journal Entries from Exactly 33 Years Ago Today

PORTAGE WINTERING-OVER CAMP: Sunday, November 20, 2016 — Winter, after a long delay has finally showed its ugly mug. Snowed yesterday and it is dusting again this morning as the temperature has dipped into the twenties  the last two nights and is forecast to do so again tonight. We have the contract set on the […]

17 Nov

On the Road to New York City, September 1986

All the years I traveled around U.S. and elsewhere,  I kept notes, some brief, some in depth. Been cleaning the studio,  and organizing files, ran across some travel stuff. Not in any order, but  this all took place during one Big Apple trip. This trip was strictly for biz,  and on my dime to meet […]

17 Nov

A Few Photos From the U.P. This Past Fall.

17 Nov

Hunters’ Economic Contributions to the Michigan Economy

There are heaps of people out wearing orange hats and vests and carrying weapons, deer on car tops etc as the Michigan firearms deer season rolls along. It runs from Nov 15 to Nov 30. According to data from a group called Hunting Works For Michigan, Michigan hunters and target shooters spend $2.3 billion annually, […]

15 Nov

Excerpt From a novel in development, BROWN BALL

The following is an excerpt from the opening of a new novel to be called Brown Ball. I started writing it January25, 2012 and is now finished in draft form. Read and enjoy. It’s not the woods cops, but it is about life — in the form of baseball — for a to-be 13-year-old in […]

09 Nov

What I Believe: The Day After the Presidential Election

Congratulations to our new President. May he govern wisely and compassionately. And Happy 70th Birthday to my brother Jim. Two septuagenarians of three siblings. so far. Good for all of us. That said, it seems to me that we are seeing the zenith of  what I’ll call “the Disneyfication of America.” Let me explain. Back […]

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