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Archive for March, 2017

20 Mar

Poem For The Day Breakfast at Tiffiny’s

Girlfriends Out For Breakfast at Tiffiny’s With Cell Phones We have no lives, live on our screens One day we hope we shall be weaned.   Our kids aren’t up, we’re eating out, Let’s hope they don’t interrupt with Tweets and shouts.   Tap tap tap our fingers fly, Sending electrons across the sky.   […]

18 Mar

Poem For the Day: Mall Walking

Mall Walking Tiny gray birds flit ceiling to floor As old peeps shuffle along,  Pushing contraptions With squeaking joints, Leaning forward as into the wind Of the twilight of life, white hair Soiled pallors, shiny sneakers Adidas and Nikes, Air and not. All hugging the walls of shops, Edge of the Pale, Shoes squeaking like […]

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