At Bookbug in Two Weeks

Exclusive First Listen w/ Author Joe Heywood

The promotion of the Book Bug says, “Fans of Joe Heywood: Join us for a VIP preview of some of Joe’s not-yet published short stories. He wants to see what YOU think of some of his new, surprising characters. Joe will also read excerpts from his Woods Cop series and other writing.”

In fact, I  won't   be reading
from Woods Cop stories but material from a new collection called UPPER
PECULIAR,  all stories about Yoopers, not Woods Cops. The stories are
"Best Baseball Man Ever"
"Once Through The Spin Dry"
"Hearts of Wolves"
And perhaps I'll read one of two other selections, which have nothing to
do with the UP.
Either,  "La Cabra (The Goat"), which is taken from a new novel called
"Bringing Home Sheep, about businessmen sent to an immigrant camp in
California to search for employees from the company's Vietnam operation,
which folded when the North Vietnamese came south, and almost everyone
affiliated with the U.S. was forced to boogie. Many of them ended up in the US in
camps around the country.
Event date:
Wednesday, April 19, 2017 – 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Event address:
3019 Oakland Drive
Kalamazoo, MI 49008
Recurring Event:

First Quarter Reading List, 2017

BOOKS 2017 [As of 4-2-17]

  1. William H. Gass. The World Within the Word. (1978) [ESSAYS]
    2. Benjamin Hale. The Wild and the Wicked: On Nature and Human Nature. (2016) [NF]
  2. Alan Bennett. Writing Home. (1994) [NF]
  3. Mary Oliver. Upstream. (2016) [ESSAYS]
  4. Alan Bennett. Untold Stories. (2005) [ESSAYS]
  5. William H. Gass. Finding A Form (1996) [ESSAYS]
  6. John Le Carre. The Pigeon Tunnel. (2016) [NF]
  7. John Osborne. An Autobiography:1929-1956. (1981) [NF]
  8. Christopher Fowler. Bryant & May: Strange Tide. (2016) [FICTION]
  9. William Albracht and Marvin J.Wolf. Abandoned in Hell: The Fight for Vietnam’s Firebase Kate. (2016) [NF]
  10. Ervin Goffman. The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life.(1959) [NF]
  11. Christopher Buckley. The Relic Master: A Novel. (2015) [FICTION]
  12. A.L.Rowse. The Tower of London in the History of England. (1972) [NF]
  13. Margaret Bourke-White. Portrait of Myself. (1963) [NF]
  14. T.S. Eliot. The Sacred Wood and Major Early Essays. (1998) [ESSAYS]
  15. Catherine Ann Moore. This Precious Book of Love: Shakespeare, Women, and Narrative in the 19th Century. (2011) [NF-Dissertation]
  16. Peter Watson. The Great Divide: Nature and Human Nature in the Old World and the New. (2011) [NF]
  17. George Saunders. Lincoln in the Bardo: A Novel. (2017) [FICTION]
  18. A.L. Rowse. My View of Shakespeare. (1996) [NF]
  19. Brian Lamb. Booknotes. (1997) [NF]
  20. Winston S. Churchill. Marlborough: His Life and Times. (1968) [NF]
  21. William H. Gass. The World Within the Word. (1979) [NF]
  22. Howard Rheingold. They Have A Word For It. (1998) [NF]
  23. Willard R. Espy. Thou Improper, Thou Uncommon Noun (1978) [NF]
  24. J.N. Hook. The Grand Panjandrum: And 1,999 Other Rare, Useful, and Delightful Words and Expressions. (1980) [NF]
  25. J. Donald Adams. Copy of Harvard. (1960) [NF]
  26. Larry McMurtry. The Last Kind Word Saloon. (2014) [FICT]
  27. Konrad Lorenz. On Aggression. (1963) [NF]
  28. T.T. Monday. The Set Up Man. (2014) [FICT]
  29. T.T.Monday. Double Switch (2016) [FICT]
  30. Finca Vigia Edition. The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway. (2003) [FICT]
  31. Adam Sisman. John LeCarre: The Biography. (2015) [NF]
  32. Yuval Noah Harari. Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow. (2017) [NF]
  33. Nancy Isenberg. White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America. (2016) [NF]
  34. William T.Vollmann. An Afghan Picture Show: Or, How I saved the World. (1992) [NF]
  35. John Crawford. The Last True Story I’ll Ever Tell: An Accidental Soldier’s Account of the War in Iraq. (2005) [NF]
  36. Tad Taleja. Foreignisms. (1989) [NF]
  37. John Forsyth. The Outsider. (2015) [NF]
  38. H.R.McMaster. Dereliction of Duty.(1997) [NF]
  39. Northrop Frye. The Educated Imagination. (1964) [NF]
  40. Benjamin Hale. The Wild and the Wicked: On Nature and Human Nature. (2016) [NF]
  41. Willim H.Gass. The World Within the Word. (1978) [Essays]

43.William H. Gass. Life Sentences: Literary Judgments and Accounts (2012) [Essays]

  1. William H. Gass. Finding A Form. (1996) [Essays]
  2. Jason Stanley. How Propaganda Works. (2015) [NF]
  3. Steven Pinker.Words and Rules: The Ingredients of Language. (1999) [NF]
  4. J.Bryan III. Hodgepodge: A Commonplace Book. (1986) [NF]
  5. Diane Ackerman. The Zookeeper’s Wife. (2007) [NF]
  6. Jonathan Lethem. Motherless Brooklyn. (1999) [FICT]
  7. Lewis Carroll. Sylvie and Bruno. (1988[1890]) [FICT