Nose-Pinching Air

Sunday, January Something-or-tuther. Shanny and I took our daily walk this afternoon. Usually he’s off chasing around looking for rabbit or deer scent (best of all: something gross to roll in), but today he stayed close and, by the time we got back, I had to pull snowballs from between his foot pads. He nearly broke the front door down with his nose to get it. Temp today was 12, 1 this morning, a little wind from the west, not bad, but enough to pinch your nose and freeze your eyebrows, reminders of how easy it is in the soft days of summer. When I first moved to Kalamazoo 38 years ago, everyone told me how horrible the winters were. Then we went through the first one, which was the lightest I’d experienced in four years and the locals solemnly adjudged it “moderate.” I just laughed, and told them they’d never seen or experienced REAL winter. After 38 years, they still haven’t. Truth told: I’m not unhappy about that.