Idle Thoughts

Never made it out to fish the trout opener yesterday. Watched the Red Wings Colorado game, and had graduation obligations, etc.  My daughter and her mutt Cooper were here for the weekend. She asked me to shoot a quick message to her students at Simeon High School in Chicago. Yo, I’m coming for a visit, real-talk only.

Have to admit I found myself buying an Idiot’s Guide in the grock line last week — A digest no less. What does that say about us that we will read digest versions of so-called complete Idiot’s Guides. Nothing positive, I fear. But I have some subject recommendations for the publishers. Some of these would be short in their longest form and nonexistent in digest form, for example the IG to Detroit Lions Superbowl Championships.

Other ID ideas:

Dumpster Diving

Aromatic Wild Animal Scat

Fishing EPA Superfund Sites

Cooking Glow-in-the-Dark Fish

Upper Peninsula Taxi Services

Air Baths

Alibis and Excuses

Fly Acquisition Disorder.


Enjoying Ten-Month Winters