Time Moves, Life Happens, Memories are Made

Friends Mike and Sue from Arizona took a four-wheeler ride along the Mexican border, in the Sonoma Desert area on Friday, February 19. At one point they encountered a uniformed group of men on the other side of the border, with a Hummer. They were packing AK-47s. Some had their faces covered with ski masks. Because of dust, the four-wheeler crew is usually spread out over hundreds of yards and Mike happened to arrive as first of eight machines total and he got the impression that the army guys were trying to intimidate him with various gestures but as other riders joined him the uniforms drifted south and out of sight. Over five years of riding the same area, and dozens of trips, Mike had never before seen uniformed men. But he has heard all sorts of stories about corruption being endemic in the Mexican army. Later that day Mike talked to the Border Patrol about the incident and they informed him there was a 50-50 chance the uniforms were up to no good. Mike says, “One thing is for sure. They did NOT want their pictures taken.” Naturally he had one, which is shared herein.

Today is the 30th anniversary of the Soviet US Olympic hockey game at Lake Placid. The kind of upset that took place that day can never happen again because back then we had college kids playing on a team formed only 6 months before and many of the Soviet players had dominated the world as teammates for eightteen years. Ironically Ted Swaboda sent me a wonderful photo of an eagle taken over in the Saugatuck area, and I include that as well.

The bullshido bash last night was fun. Will post a coupla pix tomorrow. Needless to say, way too many libations and calories. We have a winter weather warning for tonight and tomorrow. It is moving up from Indiana, shadowing the YankCanuck, which strikes me as making perfect sense in an imperfect world. The US plays Canada today in Olympic hockey. Go U.S. But not the same panache as three decades ago. And by the way, from the department of little known facts, Captain Mike Erruzione before making the US team was playing for the Toledo Blades in the old IHL. Had he not made the US team, he would have played for the Kalamazoo Wings in the Eye. I’m glad he never showed up here.


Encounter on the border
Swoboda's Eagle