Shaksper, a Dog’s Tale

Shaksper Findeth Home

He be, we are quite certain,

Shanny’s younger sib

A cast away from far and geo curtain

Forsooth, I speak direct —  Him

Taken from Big Nap Streets

North to Mishawaka, there kept so sweet,

In grand company at the Land of Heart,

There be he, biding time,

When suddenly swoopeth down from the blue

A great green beast bearing these two

From North, a place where

Waters boil and books

Be enscrivened,

And thereupon he jump- ascended

(we hasten to add, unassisted)

Into the  Streamer Green, so well attended,

Away they flew

Like knights of old in search of grails

While skies tried to threaten hail

And all he left upon deposit

Were four great loads of vomit

Pools of new-minted  puke

For which we noteth came not one rebuke,

Nothing like Falstaff to Prince Hal,

“Thou common dog, didst thou disgorge

Thy glutton bosom…Wouldst thou eat thy dead vomit

Up? Nay, and nary a word along such line

Though dead vomit were lapped home in record time.

And thus cometh they  to Kalamazoo

[Which, must be said, is nowhere near Timbucktu.]

Now settle in these cozy three

To forge themselves into family

Until the snows abate in May

They will in the Green Dragon, anon and away

North so north, crosst the bridge

Through  verdant forests, over rocky ridge

Finally over crossing the Riviere de Deux Coeur

To Deer Park and Grand Old Gray Lady, Lake Superior

His name bringeth great inspiration

On Stinson land where dwells wolves and deer

He name today is Shaksper.

[Lest thou doubteth the spelling verity

Check your history to  reveal reality

Only four signaties, you see , survive extant

This being  one of four, let that be that and say no more.]

His name is cast forth in all due light,

His fate layeth before him

Let us pray his days be many,

His life vinegary-vim.

That he eat like a wolf

And remain eternally slim.

[Portage, January 11]

Sizing Up Each Other
Shakesper at Rest