Sitting at my desk this morning i started thinking about what it means to me to be a writer, some of my approaches and values. Amazed at how the list grew, especially when I wouldn’t allow myself to write somethin down unless the statement/sentence began with an S.

(1) Spend time as a cautious investor — based on expected return.

(2) Save whatever you have, whenever you can.

(3) Stroll daily.

(4) Search endlessly for new ideas.

(5) Savor changes that make sense.

(6) Set schedules and goals, and keep to  both.

(7) Slurp life greedily and giddily.

(8) Sound off — after you think.

(9) Swearing works as well as any language — maybe better.

(10) Seem approachable to all, but let few people close.

(11) Sell your work, not your soul.

(12) Sleep when you need it, and learn how much you need.

(13) Suffer no sycophants.

(14) Selfish with your time, selfless with your moral support.

(15) Sound out opinions.

(16) Sort out your feelings regularly.

(17) Select actions carefully.

(18) Serenade life with your words.

(19) Salt, sugar, and sex are all essential in life.

(20) Sail your imagination with the wind and into it.

(21) Solitude before jollitude.

(22) Smoke life, not ciggies.

(23) Salute all who deserve it, for their accomplishments, or their efforts.

(24) Stupify audiences.

(25) Sashay with soft feet.

(26) See with your eyes closed.

(27) Sup on salmon often.

(28) Smell the roses and the shit, for the latter makes the former.

(29) Start small, aim tall.

(30) Sameness and stability  in routine are good.

(31) Stir the water after you’re on the bank.

(32) Scold all overlords, especially the secret ones.

(33) Scarred earth grows more than smooth ground.

(34) Sequellae are always secondary.

(35) Soiled hands and sweat sustain lives.

(36) See the big picture beyond the small ones.

(37) Storm the enemy’s flanks.

(38) Scars can lead to wisdom.

(39) Some things last forever.

(40) Slow down, look around.

(41) Scat comes in many forms in many places: learn to read the signs.

(42) Snivelling creates snot, no not solutions.

(43) Semi equals zero. Do it, or don’t.

(44) Sit where you want, stand up when it matters.

(45) Storms clear the air.

(46) Skill is the product your gifts produce.

(47) Stout the heart and steady the hand.

(48) Sample withy courage.

(49) Shun the stupid, the fools, the users and all politcal extremists.

(50) Savor lost and never found over never lost and never  missed.