How Government Protects Us

Found this in my files.  If you look at the Federal Register 42: 1977,  p35899, you will find the following, “Guidelines for Insect and Rodent Filth in Wheat.”

“For contamination of wheat by rodent filth, the guideline is changed from ‘1 rodent excreta pellet per pint to ‘9 mg or more of rodent excreta and / or fragments of rodent excreta pellets kilogram,’ the equivalent of approximately 0.4 mouse excreta pellets per pint. The new guidelines may increase the proportion of lots of wheat rejected for contamination by rodent filth from 0.8 percent under the former guideline to 3.5 percent under the new guideline. In many cases, wheat that has been rejected due to contamiantion by insect or rodent filth may be used as animal feed or may be re-conditioned.”

 Re-conditioned wheat toast anyone?

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