Terrorism Not Exactly New

The following memorandum was sent to company employees 23 April 1986.

Due to the recent escalation of terrorist activities throughout the world, we have received questions from various employees regarding coverage provided by our Worldwide Travel Accident Policy due to losses through terrorist incidents.

According to our Worldwide Travel Accident Policy any loss (es) incurred due to terrorist activities will be paid as long as the employee is not actively participating in the terrorist activity.

Will you please see that all your employee are informed of this provision. If you or your employee have any other questions regarding this policy, please do not hestiate  to write or to call me.

I sent a note asking Human Resources, keeper of the policy,  if being held  hostage constituted active participation.

Or if  one got caught up in a terrorist attack , grabbed a weapon, and began to actively resist, would  this  be considered active participation?

No answer ever came back.

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