Broiled Trout with Parmesan

4 fillets of trout, 8 oz or more
salt and pepper to taste
Adobo seasoning to taste
½ cup mayonnaise, Italian salad dressing, or sour cream
Parmesan cheese

Set broiler to high. Spray broiler pan with nonstick spray. Sprinkle salt, pepper and Adobo seasoning to taste on each trout fillet. Place fillets in broiler pan and broil for a few minutes until fish starts to separate (become flaky). Remove filets from oven and coat with either Italian dressing, mayonnaise or sour cream. Return fish to broiler and broil a few more minutes until fish is done (flakes with a fork). Remove from oven and sprinkle fish liberally with Parmesan cheese. Total cooking time, about 15 minutes depending on fish size. NOTE: Adobo seasoning is a dry mix of herbs, spices and chilies found in specialty food stores. Do not confuse with Adobo marinade or sauce, a vinegar-based liquid with similar flavorings.

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