Trout With Tamarind & Chile Sauce

4 trout, cleaned, heads on
6 spring onions, sliced
4 TBSP soy sauce
1 TBSP vegetable oil
2 TBSP chopped fresh coriander (cilantro) and strips of fresh red chilies to garnish

2 Oz tamarind pulp
7 TBSP boiling water
2 shallots coarsely chopped
1 fresh red chili, seeded, chopped
½-inch fresh ginger root, peeled, chopped
1 TSP soft light brown sugar
3 TBSP Thai fish sauce

1. Slash trout diagonally, 4-5 slashes per side. Place in shallow dish large enough to hold all the fish as a single layer.
2. Fill cavities w spring onions; douse each fish with soy sauce, coating both sides. Sprinkle remaining spring onions on tops
3. Make sauce. Put tamarind pulp in small bowl, pour on boiling water. Mix well with fork until softened. Put tamarind mixture in food processor/blender; add shallots, fresh chili, ginger, sugar, fish sauce and process to coarse pulp. Scrape into bowl.
4. Heat oil in large frying pan, cook trout, 5 minutes per side, until crisp & brown, flesh flaking. Put on warm plate, spoon on sauce. Sprinkle with coriander & chilies and remaining sauce.

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